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Friday, December 27, 2013

Brandon Hixon In Default to Wells Fargo Bank

It was reported to THE GUARDIAN, Idaho State Representative for Caldwell District 10 is once again in financial difficulty.  Rep. Hixon has a history of stiffing creditors and now this latest event as reported to THE GUARDIAN:

"Doesn't seem to matter much about a Representatives financial status but in legal ads today in Idaho Press Tribune page C12 Brandon Hixon of 919 North Plateau Drive Caldwell has not paid his house payment  of $1,625.80 since July"

A quick check of today's Press Tribune  Legal Notices on the right hand side of the page gave the details of this latest financial difficulty of Mr. Hixon.  Mr. Hixon is now more than $10,000 behind in his mortgage and late fees to Wells Fargo Bank.

Update: 12/28/2013.... THE GUARDIAN read the legal notice in the IPT again and noted Rep. Hixon's debt to Wells Fargo is $241,277.95 for his address listed as 910 N. Plateau Ave., Caldwell, Idaho.  A search of the Canyon County Assessor's data on the value of Rep. Hixon's home is $89,100.00.  Mr. Hixon managed to get Wells Fargo to give him 2.7 times the value of his home.


  1. Apparently the $29,536.48 contributions reported on Rep. Hixon's 2012 campaign report has all been spent. More where that came from if you play the game correctly. Perhaps a good job with the State? The money donated will be expected to be paid back by voting correctly. Can anybody say "legal bribes" Perhaps Wells Fargo could be a bit lenient in this case and make a special arrangement. I just hope he doesn't have to move out of his District as Sen. Lodge had to do. I do wonder how she is making do in that RV while her house is being built,

  2. Hello everyone this is Representative Brandon Hixon. This article was published about the public notice that my personal home mortgage is not current. What was not in the article is that I am currently fully engaged in a home mortgage loan modification process with Wells Fargo, the lender. Like way too many other Idaho families who bought properties in 2007, my home value significantly dropped, seemingly overnight, and my business income has diminished as well. While it is a significant challenge, I am not one to make excuses. My constituents and the public need to know that I am diligently working through this matter to bring it to resolution as soon as possible. It is my responsibility and I intend to honor my commitment. My family and I have learned to become much better stewards of our resources as a result of this situation.
    I have worked hard to ensure this temporary situation will have no significant impact on my ability to be an effective legislator. My rock solid voting record and my unwavering personal commitment to District 10 demonstrate my determination.

  3. Where is Mr. travis manning? Mr. manning was so close to beating brandon in the last election. If I recall, there were real good questions about brandon and his habit of not paying his debts. I wonder if Caldwell is tired of politicians like "The Johns" (mcGee and bujak) and brandon. Just because they "say" they are Republicans DOESN'T mean we should vote for them every time. Wake UP Caldwell, please! Vote for the person not the party!


  4. Press-Tribune in an article yesterday shed more light. Mr. Hixon has apparently missed his mortgage payments since July 2012 some 18 months ago and 4 months before he was elected. Sometimes good intentions are not enough and one has to wonder if during the last 18 months Mr. Hixon has made any payments or is he living rent free. While I have no sympathy for Wells Fargo and their shovel full of loan money Mr. Hixon and many others are all too ready to take the bait. Perhaps bankruptcy would put this behind him

  5. I don't have much sympathy for people that bought homes they knew they couldn't afford and then expect" the government " to bale them out of their poor decision. Just suppose those properties had doubled in value. Would they have said that it's unfair that we make this profit and donated it to someone. I think not.

  6. Look him up.

    He’s not a lawmaker, he’s a law breaker: Invalid driver’s license, urinating in public, underage possession of alcohol (twice), speeding, seat belt infraction and a stop yield violation. Small claims in 2003 and 2005 for past due rent and he left a rental property just before being evicted.

  7. All of this is not youthful indiscretion. Mr. Hixon seems to have a penchant for making bad decisions. The things that are in the past should stay there but he bought a home, signed on the line for it and promised to repay the money. It looks like he refinanced it a couple of times and now is seeking to short the lender on what he owes. Was not paying the mortgage a deliberate act to qualify for a loan modification or is he simple broke? Who knows and now he is putting all this on taxpayers and Wells Fargo to pull him out of yet another financial quagmire. You have to ask... what is this guy thinking.

  8. I forgot to add the question: Did he every repay any of the landlords he stiffed? Why did it take employer intervention to tell Mr. Hixon his job as a Representative was a conflict of interest? Why not quit the Legislature and keep your job? I think Hixon needs to explain this to the people who voted for him.

  9. Stupid gets what stupid wants. Voters in that district need to pay a little bit closer attention on who they are voting for, rather then just that letter "R" that was beside this candidates name.


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