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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Are the Plans to Fight Colorado and Washington on New Pot Laws

The states of Washington and Colorado have voted to legalize marijuana in their states for recreational use.  Now comes the question how the federal government intends to enforce their stance on this matter.  The reality is they can't and everyone knows it. 

Laws depend on the populace voluntarily complying with the law.  That isn't going to happen anymore in these two states.  The Federal Govt. hasn't got the jail and prison space to lock up offenders and both states know that.  Once you have more than about 3% of any given population ignoring a law it becomes impossible to enforce.  Don't believe it?  Do the math and see how much jail and prison space would have to be built to lock up all the violators.  Backing up before prisons become overrun with marijuana violators the courts would become clogged and brought to total gridlock.

It will be interesting to see how the Obama Justice Department deals with this turn of events in Washington and Colorado.  THE GUARDIAN has long advocated that marijuana be decriminalized, taxed and sold at the local 7-11's and other retail outlets.


  1. This is how nullification works

  2. If anything happens in all of this I look for a tremendous response in the form of "pot tourism". If Washington deals with this in a very positive manner their actions will carry over into other states. Tourists will surely bring back marijuana in droves and it will create a ripple effect. You are right, there isn't enough jail space nor are the courts capable of dealing with potentially millions of citizens violating pot laws in Idaho and other states with outdated laws and recreational pot use. I look for a very quick change in pot laws all over the country.

  3. This very well could be the salvation of the tobacco industry.

  4. I have read much about pain management along with the DEA now trying to get access to our health records. The DEA has made the inane observation that we now prescribe more pain meds than ever before. Well, guess what? We all live a lot longer and with old age comes pain as our bodies wear out. The problem with drugs like morphine is we reach a point where they no longer do anything for pain. I have heard it from more than one doctor marijuana does not have this effect and is an excellent pain management option if only the DEA would get out of the picture and allow doctors to do their jobs without fear of going to jail.

  5. Oh goody, now we get to look forward to stoned drivers on our roadways with drunk drivers. The difference is drunks will go to jail while pot heads get a free pass. Gotta love our system. Just ignore the laws and they will go away. If enough pedophiles continue to have sex with enough 13 and 14 year olds should we decriminalize that too? Draw a line somewhere and make a stand. Otherwise you stand for nothing.

    1. DUI ia not specific to alcohol... too much allergy medication, pain meds and the list goes on and on what will constitutue a DUI.
      The war on drugs is an abysmal failure at the cost of over $1+Trillion. Doing the same thing over and over with very poor results should be an inidcator a new approach should be used.

      I agree METH is something we need to deal with. Some things have to run their course to the point even the users recognize the inherent dangers... crack cocaine back in the 1980's is an excellent example of this.

  6. Washington is looking at getting between $5MM and $22MM in new tax revenue, in the first year! Some of you who have no clue need to do some research. Pot is NOT like booze, you don't think people aren't smoking pot right now?! You don't read about them slamming head first into cars full of families do you? It is about time this country starts moving forward and looking for ways to bring in new tax revenue, because the Rich don't want to pay more than 15% on their money. So, make pot legal and tax the s--- out of it. If you want to smoke it, you will pay. Put that tax money into schools and state infastructure. You cut back on spending money on policeing it, which takes the drug cartels out of the picture and clears up jail space that is currently being wasted.
    Vancouver BC has a "tolerance" law maybe we should go to something like that. And to Anonymous that stated "oh goody" seriously you think comparing someone who attacks defenseless kids to a pot head is even rational? If you do, you are one of the main reasons the Republican Party can't beat Obama, because you are stuck in the stone ages.

  7. As a former Paramedic, I can say that yes, I have seen the first hand effects of impaired driving from both alcohol and drugs, even pot since some of you don't want to class pot as a drug.

    Fact: Idaho allows convicted felons to own firearms after the felon has his rights restored (including the right to vote), but the Federal Government does not allow for any convicted felon to own, posses or even be in the same building with anyone who has a firearm.

    Fact: Idaho is one of 31-states that allows a man who has raped a woman and she gets pregnant and then has the baby (especially if the abortion ban is put in place) to sue for visitation and parental rights. The aforementioned 13-14 year old now has to repeatedly face their rapist (tormentor).

    Yes our system is broken, but each of you who voted was given the opportunity to fix it e.g. a couple of Judges were up for re-election or to be retained on the bench. Overwhelmingly people in this county voted to let them stay on the bench. Why would you think they are not the problem any more than I think that they are?

    Washington state tends to make upwards of $22MM. and lose the equivalent in Federal Funding through some programs, such as; Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Highway funding, Law Enforcement Assistance, etc. that is how the Federal Gov't leverages their will. Remember the drinking age in Idaho was once 19. The federal gov't threatened to reduce these various programs if the legislature didn't raise the drinking age to 21. If you want to legalize Marijuana, then also lower the drinking age to 18 at least.

    1. Well, I guess in Idaho rape is considered just another method of conception, and it makes the pregnancy legitimate. Sad isn't it.

  8. DUI's we can test for fairly easily, inexpensively, and accurately. We can correlate a specific level of impairment to a specific Blood Alcohol Content.
    With pot, current testing will only tell you if he has used. It will not tell you when he used, how much he used, or level of impairment. Since THC can be stored in fat cells for several weeks at a time, there is no other way to determine how impaired they are without an lengthy and complicated scientific testing process that is expensive and subjective in the sense it is based on the Doctors professional medical opinion rather than on a standardized and calibrated testing system. When they figure out how they are going to adequately deal with this issue, you will see the legalization of this drug. Otherwise you are creating more problems.


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