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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Banner Bank To Underwrite $7.8 MM County Admin. Bldg. Project

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN, Banner Bank will be underwriting the new county administration building.  The project will be located on the north side of Albany Street between the 10th Avenue overpass and 11th Avenue. 

The building site is now a parking lot and to offset parking needs the county has acquired property next to the railroad tracks between 10th Avenue and Albany Street.

Funding will come from tax anticipation monies from Caldwell East Urban Renewal Agency with $7.8 million towards this project.  The plan calls for the county to use $6.7 million for the new building and hold back $1.1 to cover cost overrides and rising material costs.  Should there be any funds left over from this project they will be dedicated to courtrooms and remodel costs in the existing courthouse.


  1. In other words, another Urban renewal boondoggle. It seems that cities and counties are all trying to one up each other with new office buildings. Meridian's city hall palace, Meridian schools administration Hilton, Nampa's public safety compound, new library planned, and now Canyon county feels left out. At least the city of Meridian paid for theirs with cash instead of robbing the taxpayers with another urban renewal project.

  2. Urban Renewal is just one more way for government to bypass voters on projects paid for with taxpayer dollars. I am still wondering how we got stuck paying for a community college as well as a YMCA. The Indian Creek project is a beautiful addition to downtown but what has it done besides screw up the traffic flow downtown?

  3. This is how our commishes repay us for shooting down their jail megaplex. Build a administration megaplex.


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