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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


One thing has become clear this election cycle ..PROPERTY TAXES are way too high in Caldwell and Nampa.  The Idaho Press Tribune reported $11/$1k of net taxable value in Caldwell, $10+/$1k in the fair city of Nampa.   Meanwhile Bob Henry reports in an earlier blog comment:

"Wow, the comment posted by "anonymous" is so far out in left field that I feel compelled to reply. First off, I am not against spending. My problem with urban renewal is that tax dollars are being diverted to URD, causing tax rates to go up without voter approval. I was on the school board for 12 years in Nampa. We ran several bond elections, getting the necessary 67% approval and got the schools built. In Nampa, the URD was approved by the vote of 3 City Council members. That's wrong. Nampa's levy rate is 10.15, Boise is 6.98, Meridian is 4.75, Eagle is 2.96. If you don't think there is still fat in the budget, you just don't understand budgeting."
By Bob Henry  on 10/31/11

Tonight THE GUARDIAN attended a meeting where it was reported the numbers of employees in Caldwell have gone up 9.4% since 2006 and a whopping 13% in Nampa since 2006.  The source of this information is reliable and it was obtained via a public records request.  Despite what Mayors Nancolas and Dale say about running a tight budget the numbers for PROPERTY TAXATION along with employee head counts tell a much different story.  If you are happy with the status quo then cast your city council vote for the incumbents if not the challengers are offering a change for taxpayers.


  1. So if Bob is elected what is he going to do about;

    1. Out of Control Urban Renewal
    2. Out of control spending & sky high budget of the Fire Department.
    3. The Fire Departments out of control Union.
    4. Out of control Police Departments budget.

    It's one thing to put Urban Renewal in check Mr. Henry. That's only half the equation. What are you going to do about spending by these powerful and untouchable departments within the city?

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  3. Mismanaged resources, missed opportunities, overpaid police and fire staffs and Urban Renewal are killing taxpayers. Add to all of this the unwillingness for city officials to recycle buildings for public use like the Mac's Toys bldg with 43000 square feet, parking and easy freeway access for use as a police station or new library. It could be purchased for less than $1million v. the tens of millions spent on the new cop shop, parking garage we didn't need done with a bait and switch approach to getting Urban Renewal set in motion.

    I am happy to see we didn't get stuck with a trash for energy project. That would be another Harrisburg, Pa project with public money on the line.

  4. I'll give you some lip service about who the powerful lobby is here in Nampa. It is the middle class here in town who are being turned into peasents and serfs by the high property taxes and fees that are being imposed on us by the Gang of Four (Dale, Thorne, White, and Homer). Come November 8 our lobby is going to change that arrangement in favor of the people.

  5. I have known taxes were very high in Caldwell for quite some time but never could figure out to what degree and how Caldwell compared to other cities in this valley. The information here has really made me angry. Returning council people who created this monster won't happen with my vote. Blacker and Ozuna do not deserve another term to act as bobble head dolls for Nancolas.

  6. Editor note: The following was received in rebuttal to the comment about Mr. Strosnider:

    Karl Malott to me
    show details 3:13 PM (4 minutes ago)
    Mr. Alldredge,
    Today someone mentioned to me a comment on your web site regarding my Deputy Chief of Operations Doug Strosnider. I can take criticism of my department and employees but when someone is able to anonymously post a comment like “My suggestion is to make that idiot Doug Strosnider do some actual work instead of parading around town in his dress white shirt with gold chevrons in the latest "command vehicle".” I think that takes away credibility of any journalistic attempt. I would ask for your consideration in removing this comment and encourage the reader to post comments that are more constructive and less personal and hurtful. I look forward to your response on this issue.

    Karl Malott
    Fire Chief
    Nampa Fire Department
    1103 2nd Street South
    Nampa, ID 83651

  7. My suggestion is to make Doug Strosnider do some actual work instead of parading around town in his dress white shirt with gold chevrons in the latest "command vehicle".
    Wednesday, November 02, 2011 1:16:00 PM

  8. Sounds like we should be grateful to Mr. Strosnider that he doesn't drive a fire truck and take it to lunch like so many of the fire crews do

  9. Let's all try to get back on track with this post about taxes too high in Caldwell and Nampa. This election will more than likely have a very low turnout and here's the deal. If you like what is going on then vote for more of the same. If you are not happy then this is an opportunity for your vote to count way more that it would in most elections.

    I expect less than 2,000 votes to be cast in this election in Caldwell and not much more than that in Nampa. People are unhappy but also unwilling to take the time and effort to vote.


  10. Yes, so what are these candidates going to do about these issues if elected. They all say yes, taxes are too high and they are bad. None of them has said what they will do about it. Sounds like more lip service. Specifics please. make me a promise I can hold you to, and you will have my vote. Otherwise it's just more lip service.

  11. Who is the second anonymous in this post. I'd vote for him. He's specific about what needs to be done.

  12. That rubber stamp is running pretty hot right now. Today Mayor Dale gave Councilor Homer his rubber stamp endorsement in the IPT opinion page.
    The other day Candidate McGrath gave his rubber stamp to Councilor Homer, and in the same column
    Councilor Homer rubber stamped Candidate McGrath. That crazy rubber stamp is moving so hot and fast that I can't keep up with it. I don't see anybody else giving any kind of positive opinion of these guys. Seems like the only approval they get is from each other. Councilor Kren and Candidate Henry are getting positive opinions from the people, and that is what matters. Remember to vote on Nov 8.

  13. Tom Dales and company may become so inbred we may start seeing that third eyeball in the middle of their foreheads at the Nampa City Council. I would like to see Bob Henry and Mr. Kren get reelected but you never know what will happen if the turnout is low. It might be a case of who has the biggest fan club actually going out and voting.

  14. One City Councilman can only do so much. What I promise is this; I will never approve a budget increase until we get our levy rate in line with our surrounding communities, excluding Caldwell since theirs is higher than Nampa's. I plan to take a hard look at the storm water fees that are being charged and try my best to get them reduced or eliminated. The same goes for the impact fees; they need to go until our economy recovers.
    If Steve and I can stay/get on the City Council, we will put a lot of pressure on the Mayor as I can envision lot's of 2-2 votes that he will have to break. Certainly will make him more vulnerable come his election time in 2 years.

  15. Bob Henry touched on every issue that is bothering me. He's got my vote!

  16. Thank you Bob for being the only real man in this race and stating what you stand for. You get my vote based on that alone.

  17. Wow. Bob Henry sure is doing a great job now. (eyes rolling) I don't know why anyone would vote for him over Tom Dale. He hasn't done a damn thing since being in office. Typical politician I guess, but at least Tom Dale wasn't a lame duck.


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