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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dynamis Project At Boise Landfill Equals Higher Idaho Power Rates

The following is a guest opinion by our friend Hubert Osborne.  It is important to note the amount paid to Dynamis by Idaho Power for electricity is over three times the spot market rate for electricity at $27/mwhr.  Also, the land fills in the area have a life of over 100 years.  Natural gas today is more than 25% cheaper than it was twenty years ago due to the new technology of getting it out of the ground.  Why are rate payers being asked by Idaho Power and Dynamis to fund a costly experiment?

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 8:05 AM, Hlclosborne  wrote:

Good morning Paul,
The energy agreement between Dynamis and Idaho Power which was reported in the Statesman yesterday and Press-Tribune this
morning presents us with both challenges and opportunity's.
A challenge because if not confronted agreement and all the repercussions will be saddled on the public for many years.
Not just here but nationally and internationally where Dynamis has made presentations.
An opportunity because delay, delay, delay and even defeat of their proposal would be good for everyone except Dynamis
Buried in the back of Case No. IPC-E-11-25 which can be downloaded from the IPUC site is a request for modified procedure
and I quote  " Idaho Power believes that a hearing is not necessary to consider the issues presented herein and respectfully requests that this application be processed
under Modified Procedure; i.e., by written submissions rather than by hearing. RP 201 et seq. If, however, the commission determines that
a technical hearing is required, the Company stands ready to prepare and present its testimony in such hearing."
I happen to think this is worth fighting and as Paul knows if sufficiently motivated I am willing to put up some bucks to get the best
representation available.
My questions to each of you are
1. Are you with me on this
2. Do you know a good attorney versed in PUC proceedings
3. Do any of you have access to the PUC members or staff to get an inside feel of how they will rule.
4. Any other comments as to how to fight this would be helpful

Here's the challenge we can all just take this laying down or we can get it together and take this thing on in the Courts before we hit the point of no return.  Paul


  1. We can only wonder how much of this project is subsidized by local, state, and federal govt. Add to it the crazy high prices IDAHO POWER is willing to pay for this electricity. No wonder IP wants a higher price for electricity.

  2. Build the energy to waste plant and our problems are solved.

  3. There is a Dynamis trash to energy project going in over in Clark County, Idaho. They don't have enough trash to burn and it is to be inferred in the application they will be burning tires to augment the needs to produce 12-14 Mwh of electrical power.

    The plant will cost about $3.5-4 Million/MWh to build. It will be called the CLARK COUNTY WASTE TO ENERGY PARK. The study report can be found at:


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