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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ron Paul On Legalizing Drugs

We missed the first debate of the Republican Candidates on FOX News last week (no cable or dish feeds in our home).  It was reported to THE GUARDIAN Mr. Paul is in favor of legalizing drugs. The reaction of the audience was palpable.  Mr. Paul gave some very good reasons to legalize drugs by asking the audience who would choose to do heroin if it were instantly legal to do so.  The issue noted in the debate was the impact we would have on the prison population in this country.  50% of our prison population is for drug issues and 90% of that 50% is prohibition related law enforcement.

There would be no shortage of jail and prison space along with a demonstrable decrease in the costs to keep people behind bars because they are no longer taking up jail bed space. This would require states to redefine their drug laws and prescriptive sentencing parameters of drug offenses.  The costs of incarceration for prohibition uses of drugs is out of line with results.  Making Prohibition offenses infractions v. felony or misdemeanor issues would have a huge impact on the social costs of drug enforcement.

It is no secret THE GUARDIAN thinks the drug laws in this country are creating all kinds of social issues and crime statistics costing all of us a bundle of cash.  Let the punishment fit the crime.  Marijuana laws and incarceration are under reform all over the country.  It would seem much more practical to stop putting people in jails and prisons for drug use and simply cite them for a "infraction" level issue rather than putting otherwise law abiding people in prison.

Mr. Paul does give us all fodder for the brain to digest and think about.  The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.  We have 1/100 or nearly 3 million people in prison or jail in this country at a huge cost to taxpayers.  People who are a clear and present danger to society need to be imprisoned.  There are better ways to deal with nonviolent people not conforming to societal norms.

Here's a link to Mr. Paul's debate response on the Herion and drug issues in this country Congressman Ron Paul on Drugs


  1. That crazy old coot does make people think. I am glad he is running if for no other reason that he addresses issues where the constitution and our rights have been lessened or taken away by an over zealous govt.

  2. I really like the guy. He takes the Republican party principles and doesn't carve out exceptions for "morality." However, the enforcers and the sellers both make a lot of money in what they do so there's a lot of job security tied up in it on both sides. There's so much money being made I'd be curious how much makes its way into political contributions for drug warrior politicians to defend the laws that raise the risk and the profits.

    It was interesting to see the law enforcement mobilize politically like the sky was falling when they had marijuana legalization on the ballot last fall in California. The LA county sheriff took it so far as to say that he would ignore the election results and thus kidnap any marijuana users he felt like if it passed. I want real police. The healthy choices police can go get real jobs.

  3. I have to admit to trying various drugs I now refer to as the Whitman Sampler to see what all the fuss was about when coming of age in the 1960's. For me the "high" was being slow and fuzzy brained for a while until the effects of the various drugs wore off. It was about the same impact at 2-3 shots of bourbon on an empty stomach. On a personal level I valued the ability to think clearly over taking drugs and once the investigation/sampling was over I never again chose to imbibe in illegal drugs. I agree with Mr. Paul's stance on drugs and people in prison for the prohibition aspects of drug use.

    We have created a whole new class of criminals and a huge law enforcement arm of the government over something I now question as a truly criminal activity. It would seem much easier to enforce drug laws with a citation into court and a straight up fine rather than putting people in jail and prison for decades at a very high cost.

  4. I say legalize the drugs and let all of them junkies just smoke, inject, snort and absorb themselves into a drug induced coma where they will hopefully just all die off. Social problems solved! Can't steal from us when they are dead right?!

  5. A few years ago I read a article on how England handels its drug addicts. If you declare your self an addicit the goverment provides your drug of choice to you and you must consume it at a clinic . The thinking behind this is that pure heroin or what ever is not all that bad for you ,what causes the problems is what ever the drug is mixed with and the unsanitary way it is used, also the lifestyle that must be lived to pay the cost on the underground market.I belive the British goverment was paying $10 per dose of heroin at that time.Not a perfect solution but it does alow someone to hold down a job and helps eliminate many of the problems associated with drug use, also it's much more cost effective than the way we are currently handleing our drug problem.

  6. We really have gone overboard in this country they way law enforcement can destroy a doctor for prescribing too much pain medication. Meanwhile back at the home the patient has to needlessly suffer. A lot of the drugs we have are ethnic in their origins. Chinese brought us opium, Mexicans brought us marijuana, Middle easterners brought us hashish, native americans peyote. Most of this was legal for well over 100 years. Even Coca Cola had cocaine in it for a period of time. If we could empty out our jails and prisons overnight with the legalization of drugs the money to be saved is mindboggling. Mr. Paul makes an interesting argument.

  7. I agree let them all overdose and rid ourselves of them once and for all?

    You all have no idea what it is like to have a loved one corrupted and sucked into this lifestyle do you. When it is your child could you be so callous then?

    I don't want this garbage legalized ever! One of you please tell me that a 12 year old has the right or intelligence to make the decision to become involved in this lifestyle which eventually led to his death 7 1/2 years later.

    And who was pushing this nonsense ? Idiots like you. I hope it is your children who are the next victims in this stupidity. Maybe then you will understand.

  8. Old and gathering moss says....

    I can't imagine what would lead a 12 year old to become addicted to drugs. I do know there are a certain number of people out there who are bent on self destruction. No matter what, they

    There are also the majority of people who aren't bent on an early exit from life who do all manner of recreational drugs. Take a look at all the rock stars out there who have taken a plethora of drugs over the years and are well into their 60's.

    I am not an advocate of kids having the right to make this choice but I do question putting otherwise law abiding people in jail and prison for prohibition issues raised by Mr. Paul. The Netherlands is a very good example of how it ought to be managed.

  9. If you buy drugs go to rehab.

    If you sell drugs, you should be shot dead on the spot in the street for all to see.

    Same goes for child molesters.

  10. More idiots heard from. Your answer to everything seems to be legalize it. Everything that decent law abiding people want, you freaks want to dismantle.

    I like my picture of America better than yours. The days before hippies, drugs, and no morals became the norm. Abortion, homosexuality and drug use were something to be ashamed of. These decadent behaviors are tearing this country apart.Seems we are destined to go the way of the Romans.

  11. Government paying for an addicts clean drugs?
    Heroin is not bad for you?
    It used to not be illegal for over a 100 years but then it became a problem. I can't understand why they would make it illegal?
    I can't imagine what would make a 12 year old choose to use drugs?

    Hello! Are you really that naive? They are peddling drugs to 6th grade students now. It doesn't suprise me at all that a kid would start using at that age and end up Overdosing as a 19-20 year old. It's just a shame because once they are addicted it is very rare that they can ever get clean and stay that way.

    Legalizing it is not the answer.


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