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Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 17th Is Your Day To Be Heard...You Can Vote School Board, Hwy Dist. And NAD


May 17th is the day to vote for those of us who hold this a right as well as an obligation to let our voice be heard.  The issues this time around are School Board members, Highway District Board members, and if you live in Nampa, the NAD opportunity (Nampa Auditorium District).

We expect there will be some confusion as to where you will vote but to get around this confusion you can vote early during normal business hours clear up to the Friday before the election at the County Elections Office at 11th and Chicago in Caldwell.  So far the interest has been underwhelming at the elections office.  THE GUARDIAN was number 3 to vote early in all of Canyon County as of this past Tuesday morning.

Voting early at the County Elections Office is quick, easy and not the least bit confusing. The staff at the elections office are always happy to see folks turn out early.  Partly patriotic and partly some  job security but in any event they will get you in and out in short order.

 The IPT has done some good work on getting candidates to put their views out there for all of us to look over.  We can't do much about the stuff that goes on at the Federal level here in Idaho but these seemingly insignificant entities like the Highway Districts, School Boards and the NAD guys and girls are going to be in charge of spending millions of tax dollars.

 I'd like to think we put the best people in elected office but we all know that just isn't always the case and apathy along with uninformed voters can cost all of us millions.  And finally the downside of elections like this is the minority gets to decide these elections.  Most of you simply will not bother with this election cycle.

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  1. I can't understand why consolidation of Highway Districts has not happened in Canyon County. ACHD with their impact fees are making growth pay its way. It may not be perfect but it is a lot better than all the little districts we have in Canyon County.

    A consolidation of highway districts will make for a better transportation system for all county residents, cut administrative overhead, reduce capital expenses for equipment and get more done with less money spent. "Local control" is a term used that means "More Costs" to me.


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