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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nampa Seat Belt Campaign Skirts Idaho Law

Nampa Seat Belt Campaign Skirts Idaho Law

SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES. THE GUARDIAN ADVOCATES THE USE OF SEAT BELTS. We also advocate the rule of law and the constitution.
By Dave Frazier, May 30,2011

According to a story in the DAILY PAPER, Nampa coppers are joining a national publicity campaign called “Click It.” They say people driving at night are less likely to fasten seatbelts, thus extra shifts and manpower will be dedicated to unfastened scofflaws.
Since seat belt violations in Idaho are a “secondary offense,” that means coppers will be looking for excuses to stop people…like taillights, no turn signal, minor speeding, etc. This type of patrol has the P.R. potential of a major backfire. Sounds like it is probably a grant or something that has to be spent soon–otherwise they would go after the drive by shooters, and drunks, protect vulnerable convenience stores.
Here is the Idaho Code on safety restraints:
49-673.Safety restraint use.
(1) Except as provided in section 49-672, Idaho Code, and subsection (2) of this section, each occupant of a motor vehicle which has a gross vehicle weight of not more than eight thousand (8,000) pounds, and which was manufactured with safety restraints in compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 208, shall have a safety restraint properly fastened about his body at all times when the vehicle is in motion.
(5) Enforcement of this section by law enforcement officers may be accomplished only as a secondary action when the operator of the motor vehicle has been detained for a suspected violation of another law.


  1. Again, why do we allow Mayor Tom to have a highly overpaid private police force trained to stop hard working struggling taxpayers for every petty reason and write tickets to fill the city coffers with?

    Meanwhile he is building a new cop shop that appears to be larger than the county courthouse in Caldwell with a price tag that is two times the price tag of the jail they wanted us to build.

    Is this their way of getting back at us for not building their precious jail?

    This corruption needs to stop. Mayor Tom needs to go. The spending spree needs to be reversed!

  2. Using seat belts is a very good idea.

    Encouraging/advocating the use of seat belts is a good idea.

    Supporting national campaigns encouraging the use of seat belts is certainly appropriate.

    Looking for and excuse to stop someone with the primary purpose of checking for a seat belt violation for the purpose of writing a ticket, is like spanking your kid because she stuck her tongue out at you, and hardly a productive plan.

  3. I was stopped in downtown Nampa last year during their seatbelt campaign. I wasn't wearing a seat belt ,my choice. The excuse for stopping me was that the sticker on my licence plate was about 1 inch above the lower right corner not in the corner as the law states. It's nice to see our law enforcement people being put to the best use possible.

  4. Another reminder that this is a Nampa City Council election year. Concerning that new law enforcement building that is being built, remember that the people were not allowed to vote on that issue, and team Tom spent over 100,000 dollars to keep the people from voting on it. Choose council members who are wise at letting the people in this city vote on what they want to spend their money on.

  5. Gestapo enforcement of seatbelt laws is just a government handout to police who wish to take federal funds in grant form. It really is a shame that same money can't be used to go after leaders of organized crime issues in the local area.

    From the viewpoint of a law abiding citizen this kind of activity stinks! It should not be funded with scarce taxpayer dollars. Cops who are assigned this duty have to feel like crap when they write these tickets, or perhaps there is a robopathic group of cops who actually enjoy this whorish work.

  6. Something comes to mind here. I always heard that a police chief was not only supposed to make sure that his city was protected, but he was also required by oath and duty to investigate possible crimes within the city government itself. Brings up another question, why is Nampa's police chief resigning?

  7. Mayor Tommy Boy is corrupt.
    The Nampa police are corrupt.
    Why are we tolerating this crap.

    It's time to dissolve the Nampa city mayors private little police force made up of Boise city police wannabees and merge all police under one roof, headed up by an elected official who answers to us, the taxpayer.

  8. You people are something else. Your hatred of the law and decent people knows no bounds. You mock the law and the officials who we pay to enforce them. Your Tea Party rhetoric is laughable. I suppose we should dismantle the police and go back to the days of the wild west where justice was found at the end of a gun? Get a grip.

  9. I sure miss Chief Creech. What would he have done?

  10. But Golly Anonymous. Sometimes those officials you speak of make it so darn easy to mock them. They can't help but provide us with ample ammunition. Imagine, a six figure salaried, no seatbelt ticket writing corporal! How do you not pass that up! If this is our future maybe we should dismantle the Nampa Police Department! We pay a guy that much to be a ticket writing meter maid!? I got a grip. You don't seem to though.


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