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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Points to Ponder From Guardian Reader

THE GUARDIAN has no idea who wrote this comment that first appeared in a previous post but it certainly reflects a shared opinion of a lot of people living in Caldwell.  We are posting this comment in the hope city leaders will take note of some well thought out words of wisdom.
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:44:00 AM 
     "I don't think anyone can deny the likability factor of Mayor Nancolas. He's a great front man and, it seems as a casual observer, that Garret's heart is really in the "Feel Good" aspect of the office of Mayor of Caldwell. It's always a Fresh baked cookies great day to live in Caldwell kinda vibe, and that’s fine. It's important to stay positive about the future of this Caldwell. Imagine how we'd all feel if Mayor Nancolas stood at the podium for his State of the City and told us all "WE'RE SCREWED."

That being said, the faults in Mayor Nancolas’s tenure come from 3 issues, in my opinion.

1. "The Plan", spearheaded by CEUR, seems so unfocused and desperate for results that it seems at times that endeavors are thought of, implemented, and backed up "from the hip." It's a grasp at straw for instant results to justify the spin, and it isn't working. Why not formulate a model that serves as a sounding board for projects or ideas that can be scrutinized by the big picture objective? It's all willy-nilly, short term feel good projects that give us an instant warm and fuzzy feeling, but in the end don't net any results. I challenge anyone to find a prettier sight in the Treasure Valley than the Christmas lights on Indian Creek in December, but in the end is there a net gain for Caldwell?

2. There seems to be an unspoken philosophy that no one can save Caldwell but Caldwell's administration and CEUR. Assessing a burdening tax on Caldwell's residents and businesses because they wouldn't know how to stimulate our local economy is misguided, at best. Critics claim that TVCC is a breath of fresh air for Caldwell because, well look around at all the rundown buildings. Ever stop to think that maybe if our property taxes weren't sometimes double the valley average they could spend a little money on their property? The city's response-tax us, take our money and invest in a city owned coffee shop. If I own a coffee shop and am taxed to the eyeballs and then have to compete against my own tax dollars, I’m probably not too happy. To quote Ronald Reagan-"Government is not a solution to our problem, Government IS our problem."

3. Somewhere over the past 13 years the Mayor has forgotten that a true leader must listen, understand, and respect his adversaries. Rather than listen to those who disagree with the actions of the current administration, those who disagree with the "Great day in Caldwell" mantra are quickly smeared or discredited as trouble makers, "lone wolf" fringe citizens, or citizens who simply are out to get the mayor for some personal reason. Perhaps Mayor Nancolas would have a clearer vision of the reality of Caldwell if he was counseled by a devil's advocate from time to time, as opposed to the current City Council, Finance Director, and dare I even say Chamber of Commerce.

The Mayor and his administration seem to be leaving no stone unturned looking for the one thing that will save Caldwell and don't even realize that it’s right in front of their noses. The people who choose to live here, run businesses here, and call themselves citizens of Caldwell."

We can only hope Mayor Nancolas and his "Team" read and ponder what this person has to say about Caldwell.  Nobody we know of wants anything but the best for our city.  The above comment is excellent food for thought for all of us.

Final note, the goldenrod and green areas of the Caldwell map are the designated areas of the Caldwell East Urban Renewal District.  Just about half of the city is in the UR agency with most of the property taxes collected going to CEURA.


  1. Mayor Nancolas and his Team on the city council and CEUR have spent millions but not much on "renewal". We do have some pretty hefty property taxes to show for the efforts of urban renewal.

  2. Caldwell property taxes are higher than Boise and Meridian! Second highest in Idaho.

  3. This mayor should resign and pay back all the money he wasted to the people of Caldwell ... I would request a outside audit on this city .. It doesn't add up people ... Who ever wrote this should run for office ..

  4. When you storm into the Mayors office ready to sock it to him for the latest violation of sanity by city government, he disarms you much like the cute kitten you cold never harm, but has just missed its litter box by about ten feet with the big one. That load off my mind I wonder why anyone would would want a job where you have to promise everything to everyone to have any hopes of getting it, all the while saving everyones money yet suffering personal attacks and criticisms for everything including bad weather. Its a tough job and wannabes motives are always suspect.

    We absolutely have to change course in Caldwell but finding and encouraging the right candidates is the big issue, for both the upcoming City Council elections this year and Councilmen and Mayors election in two years. The people we need are truly going to have to be Public Servants and are not going to have the option offering a lot of goodies to get elected, but can expect threats of reprisals for reining in existing goodies to operate within a realistic budget. We must find them.

    To close I would say "Cheers" but I just don't feel it.

  5. When negativity fails, bathroom humor will pull you through.

  6. The current President of the United States of America has proven that anybody can do that job. Being the Mayor of Caldwell takes no talent or skill, as past and present Mayor's has proven.
    Maybe the Mayor can work on getting that cat growler in the box!

  7. When you think about it Mayor Nancolas has smiled and grined his way through the last 14 years as Mayor of Caldwell. Caldwell has had probably 11 of the last 14 years a period of heretofore never seen economic growth and prosperity in economic terms but what did Nancolas do with all this opportunity? I think we were better off before he took office. Maybe my memory is bad but downtown sure looked better.

    Tom Dale in Nampa continues to pick the pocket of all the citizens of Nampa all the while telling people he is doing it for their own good.

    I have watched the value of my property decrease in value by about 50% yet my taxes on that property are continuing to increase. We've all been had by these two rascals.

    I for one am tired of hearing about needing just a little more time to turn things around. Nancolas has had 14 years to make his mark. It is now time for some new energy and synergy for Caldwell.

  8. His mayorship had nothing to do with the new housing south of Linden and north of Highway 55.
    Alan "Greenie" Greenspan's idiotic and shortsighted Federal Reserve Board cheap money policy provided the funds and Barney Frank and Chris Dobbs, "give everybody a house even if they can't pay for it" attitude, caused Caldwell's boom/bubble. The Nanny state were only pawns in the game. Caldwell's housing needs have been satisfied until about 2025! Since Caldwell will continue to decline because of the high property tax imposed by the pawns, old downtown Caldwell's only need will be for more "for sale or lease" signs!
    All the success for Caldwell downtown lies north of the UPRR, not south! Lets hope the pawns stay out of the powder milk and scrap metal business. The pawns will not be any better at those thriving business's than they have been at real estate development!


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