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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Highway 20/26 To Get Aviation to Smeed Pkwy Widening

THE GUARDIAN received an invite on city of Caldwell letterhead regarding a plan on the part of the city to widen highway 20/26 from exit 29 to Smeed Pkwy.  The project has been framed by Mayor Nancolas as follows:

"This project will be instrumental in helping to spur economic growth and create jobs within the City.  In addition, widening of the road in this area will add to the safety of motorists as it will to help ease traffic congestion.

The City recognizes that you are an important stakeholder in this project and that it may have a direct effect on you and your property or business.  For that reason, we would like to invite you to a community workshop to be held on April 11, 2011 at 6:00PM in the Community Room at the Caldwell Police Station to discuss the project and answer any questions that you may have.  We Value the opinions and suggestions of all those who could potentially be affected by the road widening project and look forward to receiving your comments.  If you have any questions about the workshop please feel free to contact City Hall at 455-3011.  Thank you and we hope to see you on April 11th.

Warm regards,
Garret Nancolas
Mayor, City of Caldwell


  1. Bob says...

    CONGESTION? This makes me want to question what the definition of congestion really is.

    If Mayor Nancolas is interested in fixing congestion opportunities in Caldwell, we need an overpass at 21st and the railroad tracks. This area is a nightmare when trains are blocking this street. The widening project proposed is just another giveaway of our tax dollars on a problems that does not exist. Or it might just be another way for growth to not pay its own way in Caldwell at the expense of existing property taxpayers.

  2. How does this short widening project do a darn thing but waste money on a project that is certainly not supported by any data or a traffic study. If there is a traffic study then we will expect to see some data at the meeting.

    In God I trust, all others can brind data...

  3. Where is the funding coming from? An LID/BID, State Highway Funds, Private money, Big Shot Nancolas own pocket, or perhaps Urban Renewal.
    A great project if nobody pays.

  4. THE GUARDIAN will offer that this corridor is a State Hiway and whatever is done will require some guidance from IDT. It is also in the UR district and just like the offramp improvements that got a fair amount of UR dollars this project will no doubt be funded with some UR money and perhaps some state funds.

    It is sad to seem money put into this project when we have our own SLAUGHTER ALLEY aka Karcher Road. The congestion on the access to Karcher along with the sheer numbers of accidents and deaths is troubling to THE GUARDIAN.

  5. Why not fix some of Caldwell's lousy streets instead? Forget it if Caldwell's street department is used, as the streets will be rougher than they are now! High taxes and lousy streets, that's Caldwell! The political duds running Caldwell seem to think that if they keep using taxpayer money to implement their feeble ideas, they may lure a some business that is willing to pay high wages and high taxes. These duds don't have a clue!

  6. It will bring new Jobs? Economic Growth? Come on Farrett Nancolis it is going to happen because you say it will. You are chicken little in reverse! You have no sound basis in making such a statement.

  7. the project has been done now for yrs and,not one retail store has been built there and,this north side area could really use retail stores over here off of smeed and 20 26 all ya see is turn offs and stop signs going to a empty field.hello its a perfect very busy area so whats the hold up,build some stores over here.


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