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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 2001 Caldwell Urban Renewal Minutes

THE GUARDIAN is on the distribution list for CEURA minutes when they are published each month.  The following may be of interest to Caldwell residents and County Commissioners who may be looking for courthouse expansion space in the future:

"Miguel Sanchez presented a request for start-up funding for the Caldwell Housing Corporation (CHC), a subsidiary of the Caldwell Housing Authority (CHA). whose purpose is to develop housing in the downtown area of Caldwell.  Formation of a separate corporation is necessary to apply for federal funding under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, as Caldwell Housing Authority's funds are restricted to the Farmway Village Project.  The CHC has developed a strategic plan that includes a planned development of 60 units of low income housing, community center, laundry and exercise facility on the 4.4 acre parcel at 1201 Elgin Street.  Chairman Waite noted that review by URA'a attorney to ensure qualification of project cost reimbursement would be advisable.  Motion to approve the $25,000 funding request pending attorney review and approval: Hopper/Hardin M/S/P"

The above is interesting as it has been heard on the street our County Commishes are now looking at property around the existing Courthouse for jail expansion purposes.  A call to Caldwell Planning and Zoning offices today by a concerned citizen caught the P&Z staff by surprise.  They knew nothing of this project. 

Meanwhile, CEURA is not opposed to handing out significant amounts of cash for projects that may fly in the face of good urban planning for Caldwell.

Also noted in the CEURA minutes was payment of property taxes on 215 and 217 S. Kimball to Canyon County.  This property is no longer used for a public purpose and by Idaho Code property taxes are now due and payable.  Most of it will go around in a circle and back to the Urban Renewal Agency but some will get to taxing districts that could use the money in this recession.

Activity report of the C/CEDC Executive Director Steve Fultz can be summarized as "continued, working, potential, plan, meeting, airport, potential, tenant, possible, participants, leads, call center, etc,".  Hope springs eternal with the efforts of C/CEDC.  We will report any confirmed business activity with this agency when it actually happens.

Additional, requests for $5,000 to fund a TVCC viticulture program to fund retail space and money for their own label.  Mr. Fultz also asked for another $5k to hire a consulting firm with expertise in FTZ's (Foreign Trade Zones).
This $10k request went down as: Motion to authorize expenditure of $5,000 start-up for Chukar Celers (sic) and $5,000 to begin developement of a Foreign Trade Zoooone: Hopper/Fouts  M/S/P 


  1. Too funny,

    build a jail by the courthouse!

    What if there's no place left to build?

    Great planning guys, no really, way to think

    ahead folks.

  2. It's not like we don't have enough low income housing in Caldwell, this guy is trying to build yet more. Do your market analysis and see what is already for rent on craigslist. They can't fill what is already out there.

    What in the world are these people thinking?

  3. A complete waste of hard earned taxpayer money. The rape of taxpayers continues at the hands of the Caldwell general authorities!

  4. You have to remember in susidized houseing you don't have to worry about market forces controlling you income . You have a built in clientele and the goverment check ( Paid with our tax money ) always shows up. Sometimes it makes you wonder why you invest your money and take the risk of being in business

  5. I really do not have a problem with people in this country having a roof over their heads. What galls me is my tax dollars are used to provide housing to people who are here illegally working for starvation wages. The peole paying these poor wages have figured out how to "game the system" and upload all the social costs of having a slave class in this country.

    They not only want me to subsidize all this but at the same time they are working around the clock to dismantle the middle class in this country. NAFTA, Globalization and any other program that causes good jobs in America to go elsewhere at the expense of the middleclass workers is killing the American Dream.

    Employers want no part of a system that requires an employee prove he or she is here legally. It is wrong. The hidden costs of illegal workers in this country is enormous.

  6. Hopper is a waste of flesh! He does so much behind the scenes crap, that he smells.

  7. Speaking of Mr. Hopper, his wife serves on the Caldwell School Board but their kids go to Bishop Kelly. Mrs Hopper has stated she thinks it is a better school and education for their kids.

  8. Handing out money to just about anyone knocking on the door in Caldwell has created some really bad habits. I welcome any business or project wanting to locate in Caldwell and city agencies have the responsiblity to help these people in every way they can. It is a bad deal for taxpayers if we have to hand over a bucket-o-cash to get these projects. Come to Caldwell but please pay your way and be a part of the community rather than a parasite.

  9. I think I would rather have low income housing there rather than waste money on the second kind of low income housing big business seems to want to go there. How come the working class poor are the only ones being incarcerated? Jails are a business plain and simple. We don't need anymore and I don't buy that crap they are feeding us that there isn't enough room. For once we have a president who is sticking it to Corporate America and making them pay their fair share. It's about time big business stepped up and paid back to the community.

  10. I have no problem helping out someone who truely is incapeable of providing for them selves. But the vast majority of the people in subsidized houseing and all the other "entitlement programs" are there because they choose to be. I don't belive there are any laws preventing someone from improving their skills through education and hard work so that they can command a higher salery.

  11. In reply to Anonymous, The problem with "sticking it to Coporate America " is that if you create a busness climate where a busness cannot produce their product at a price where they can be compeditive and turn a profit they have no choice but to go elsewhere and the jobs go with them. You would have to be crazy as a CEO to invest in this country with all of the taxes and restictions that are placed on business' here. We have become one of the most anti busness counties in the world.

  12. If I were a CEO I wold not be as concerned with the "incentives" on the front end as I would be with the ongoing costs of property taxes, labor and utility costs. Property taxes in Caldwell and Canyon County for that matter are much higher per $100k of taxable value than they are in ADA County. No serious employer with good paying jobs is going to locate in Caldwell or Nampa with their out of control property taxes.

    Once you get past the initial costs of brick and mortar for a start up business recurring costs come into play. Caldwell UR costs every property taxpayer nearly $300/$100K of net taxable value.

  13. So who is on this blue ribbon think tank team of geniuses the deciders have appointed to say another jail is needed after they were told loud and clear that WE THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT IT! WE THE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO STOP RAISING OUR TAXES AND OPERATE WITHIN YOUR BUDGET! No actually means No Steve! Only a feeble minded dolt would back you on this.


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