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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nampa Library, Keep the dream alive with a bond election

Debbie Holm wrote a guest opinion in the IPT today (8-11-09) about the New Library project for downtown Nampa. Friends of the Library are holding all manner of fund raisers from used book sales to you name it to raise money for the library. Meanwhile they are waiting for the Idaho Supreme Court to rule on a Rexburg case dealing with Urban renewal abuse of taxpayers.

It would appear Ms. Holm is hoping for a favorable ruling of continued taxpayer abuse so Nampa can have a brand new $38 million library without a vote of the people. Ms. Holm has to be a well intended citizen of Nampa but has forgotten about the principle of "THEY ASK AND WE DECIDE".

Bond elections are there for a reason. It is a ceremony conveying a right of passage and support for a big dollar project. Urban renewal agencies all over Idaho continue to abuse taxpayers and circumvent bond elections at every opportunity.

If Ms. Holm wants a new library then put it up for a vote of the people. They will let you know if they are willing to pay for this project via a proper bond election.


  1. Like I pointed out in an earlir comment, Urban renewal projects seem to be the only thing going on now. The cities of Nampa and Caldwell seem to be sharing information on how to get their special projects done without asking the check writers/taxpayers for thier approval. That's ok, as long as peoples favorite tv sitcom stays on to dull their reality, nobody cares. They just trust their perenially re-elected "public servants" to just take care of these things. This is why the national economy is in such sad shape. Until taxpayers start raising hell, it will continue forever until China comes over and says all the loans they made the U.S. are due immediately. Then we'll all have to learn not only Spanish, but Chinese too!

    Brian Vermillion, Caldwell.

  2. The paper did not get it correct. All clerical staff and assistant prosecutors in the Canyon County Prosecutors office got very large raises. Lets get the facts so the truth can be know.


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