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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Canyon Commishes Need to Review Nampa Court Costs, Supreme Court Says Boise Must Pay Ada County

Ada Beats Boise Again In Supreme Court
By David R. Frazier 8-25-2009

In a 5 zip decision, the Idaho Supreme Court has ruled that Boise City must provide courtroom space for the magistrate court handling Boise cases.

State law says district court judges have authority to order cities to provide adequate quarters and equipment for the magistrate division and those costs can be offset by court-imposed fees.

Boise and Ada County signed an agreement in 1980 outlining the city’s obligations. The city contended when the new Ada County Courthouse was completed in 2002 they no longer had to pay.

The city stopped payment of the court imposed “rent” in 2007, prompting the lawsuit and decision from the Supremes that was released today.

Once again, Boise’s legal beagles have cost the citizens thousands of dollars in staff expense and perhaps millions in “back rent” due the county.

We can’t help but note the irony of the city’s efforts to provide city ambulance service already provided by the county, but refusing to provide court ordered magistrate facilities, claiming the county should do it.

Editor Note: Mayor Tom Dale and the Nampa Police Chief had a meeting this past Spring offering to be landlords to Canyon County for the Magistrate Court services the county provides to the fair city of Nampa. The real estate in the offing was the new yet to be built police station for the city of Nampa via Urban Renewal property tax dollars. It now appears Nampa will have to pony up for the costs of the Magistrate Court services rendered to Nampa by Canyon County.

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