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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jail Town Hall Meetings Scheduled For Next Week

Two Town Hall Meetings have been scheduled to gather input and provide information regarding jail issues.

The first meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 25, in the Public Meeting Room at the courthouse, and the second will be Wednesday, Aug. 26, in the Nampa City Hall Council Chambers. Both meetings will be from 6-8 p.m.

County personnel will talk about the consent decree with the ACLU that was recently signed, and what changes are being made, with the assistance of the judges, in sentencing and pre-sentencing, to keep jail numbers within the limits of the decree.

Additionally, with the availability of at least $18 million in stimulus funds to aid in keeping construction costs low, the commissioners would like to hear the public’s input on the potential of having a jail bond on the November ballot. Financial experts will attend both meetings to explain how the stimulus funds work, and what that might mean for taxpayers.

Commissioners will also present drawings and plans of the no-frills jail that is being considered.

“I would hope that many people will attend these meetings and give us their opinions on what steps we should take going forward,” said Commissioner Steve Rule. “We know we have to do something about the jail, and this might be the right time, and the right incentive, to put our plan in place.”

Editor Note: The ACLU lawsuit was largely centered around lack of maintenance and upkeep. No mention of the costs of operating a new jail in the above news release nor have they mentioned how much money they want taxpayers to approve.


  1. Correction to the Editors note:

    Maintenance and upkeep issues caused by SERIOUS and LONG TERM OVERCROWDING.

    What is your position on this Guardian?

    Would it be fair to say you don't want any money whatsoever spent towards a jail and you just want to continue ignoring the problem? Or would it be safer to say it's not the money, but you just don't have faith in the politicians asking for it.

    I would like to hear what the problem in your view is, and what the solution should be. You seem to be full of facetiousness and criticisms, but short on solutions. Who knows maybe you can run for office someday since you have all the answers.

  2. For lack of maintenance and up keep caused by taking money for the B budget which is for maintanence and supplies and placing it into A budget Which is for salaries. In short poor management.

  3. That comment smacks of an unsubstantiated accusation....

    I know you think if you keep saying it you think people will eventually begin to believe it no matter how far off base you really are. After all, people always want to believe the worst case scenario before giving anyone else the benefit of doubt.

    Lets hear your solution to the problem please, or is criticism all you have?


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