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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Caldwell Sky Ranch Skate Park Open!

A brand new skate park at Sky Ranch opened about a week ago. The place is a rousing success with the local and out of area skateboarders, well over 100 people were using the new park. THE GUARDIAN has been more than a little skeptical about how much usage this new amenity would see given the remote location. It is clearly a case of "if you build it they will come".

A quick chat with people using the new facility revealed the word is out. This particular group came from Boise to test their skills. Comments from the boarders gave the place a resounding thumbs up! They commented the place "blows everything else in the valley out of the water".

Also, located at this site is a state of the art BMX course for bicyclists. It was constructed by a professional in the field of BMX. The BMX course was not getting nearly the workout the skate park was enjoying.

The skate park is almost completed and only needs landscaping and lighting. Financing was done at a cost of $318,000 to the locals via several revenue sources from parks and rec impact fees, property taxes, and outright donations from various sources. It will be money well spent. Signage for safety equipment and the usual "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" stuff needs to be put up to keep the city liability to a minimum.

Mayor Nancolas indicated at a city council meeting there are two more skate parks in the Caldwell Parks Master Plan. One near the YMCA and one for the Downtown areas of Caldwell.

Sky Ranch skate park can be accessed off Hwy. 20/26 or East Linden Street and Smeed Parkway just east of the interstate and north of the airport. There were a number of adults just watching what these kids can do on a skateboard.


  1. When I visited the park the other week, several people from out of state asked me where the closest restaurant was. I was a little embarrassed to tell them that the closest restaurant was located inside of the Flying J Convenience store. If this park was located anywhere near downtown, It would have an instant positive impact for downtown businesses.

  2. Will it EVER get done!!!! Water and bathrooms when it is 105 degrees would be a nice feature!


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