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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Upside of Job Service Building Purchase

Can a frog be turned into a Prince?

The Job Service Building purchase for $1.25 MM and $470k in renovation costs have some up sides.

The move from Midtowne Plaza is certainly a safer location for ingress and egress of cars and trucks onto the boulevard. It is controlled by a signalized intersection.

The real upside the purchase will be the conversion of third floor offices in the courthouse to new courtrooms. More courtrooms will increase the efficiency of the legal process and may actually reduce the headcount and average length of stay in our county jail facilities. How you ask? People who can't post bond are held in jail until their trial comes up before the court. In general people wo can't post bond end up serving way more jail time for their transgressions than people who bond out.

Moving current offices in the courthouse is likely a short term fix on what is really needed. A capital improvement bond to cover expansion of the courthouse complex and serve the public needs in one location. Another option would be to gear up for more county stuff to be done via the Internet. You can do a fair amount of business over the Internet right now with car licenses and a few other functions but more needs to be added.

Ten years or so down the road we will likely face a decision to consolidate county functions back in one central location.

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