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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Latest Jail Bond Costs

The Guardian attended a meeting at the Commissioner's Meeting Room today from 1-3:30PM this afternoon.  Comm. Pam White called me yesterday to invite me to hear what the good people from DLR, the consultant on yet another jail plan presentation.

Here's the short version of the meeting.  The latest jail plan calls for a 1,044 bed jail at the hwy 20/26 jail site.  The cost will be a whopping $198,600,000.00 if a bond is issued at 5% interest. Or in simple terms about $200,000 for each jail bed.

 This translates to a bond repayment cost of $132/$100k of net taxable value to every property owner in Canyon County.

Also presented was a proposal for new digs for the Sheriff and his staff.  The costs for this were $27,000,000 give or take depending on which option of the two presented gets  selected.  Using the ground floor of the Dale Haile Detention facility was what this money would be used to remodel into a new HQ for the Sheriff.


  1. Have the county commissioners gone out of their minds? I don't think this bond issue will stand a chance of passage.

  2. Cost of this jail is not going to fly with voters. This is an outrageous amount of money to put on the backs of already overtaxed property owners. I will will vote NO on this outlandish proposal. I can fully understand why Commissioner Rule chose to not attend this meeting. I do think county and city officials need to meet and reexamine adding onto the existing jail. Repurposing the Dale Haile Detention Center for a glorified dog kennel on the second floor is hard to imagine.

  3. I'm waiting for the commissioners to tell us how they are going to do this and it won't cost us a dime. I would suggest we fire at least 2 commissioners and apply their salaries to the cost

  4. Lets see if I have this right. We are paying our county commissioners who hired a company that builds jails $250,000 to tell us that we need to build a jail that will cost $198,000,000 plus interest to build. Then they will have the opportunity to bid to build said jail. Do these people really think we are that gullible. The next step when this is turned down will to have a retired judge who does not have to stand for election declare that they can build it without voter approval

  5. Here's the really scary thing, it will cost taxpayers half a billion to pay off this bond over the 20 year life of the bond if it passes. This could be our next Idaho Center in spades.

  6. Tom Dale has never seen a way to spend money that he didn't like.

  7. I was just browsing around the local web today reading about the new mayor of Nampa, who is looking more like a sneaker puppet for Team Tom Dales 4th term, and I noticed that Mr Alldredge is back. The issue that bothers me about this jail thing was the attempted criminal charges that they were trying to bring up against Mr. Rule and Mr. Hanson. I don't think that the people of Canyon County will allow political opponents to be locked up in jail. Election 2018 is just arond the corner

    1. I asked around about how Mr. Henry lost the election and a common thread was that he was not the cheerleader smiling face expected by people. He was too abrupt to some folks and it didn't play well. In his corner he did a good job of controlling the costs at the Idaho Center and other property tax issues along with bringing commercial and industrial jobs to Nampa. I just hope the new mayor has some fiscal restraint when she takes office.

    2. Yup, you are sure right about Mayor Bob. The people of Canyon County need to get ready for the county elections for 2018. We need some candidates that are able to win, and maintain the values of fiscal restraint. It is the Canyon County way.


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