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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Wise Men of Caldwell Stall Plaza Project

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN leaders of Caldwell are actively trying to kill the idea of a plaza in our downtown.  What is amazing our Mayor Garrett Nancolas has verbally on more than one occasion promised the good people working on this effort that the plaza would indeed be built on the site of the old King's building.

Leaders of Destination Caldwell garnered $65,000 to bring Roger Brooks to Caldwell for some guidance on their efforts and present several events for leaders and citizens of Caldwell on how to transform our city into a beautiful community with and emphasis on the wine and dining as a major emphasis should the projects move forward.

Three players who hold most of the power to make this effort move forward are now waffling on cash and other supports for this project.  It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the three amigos in stalling movement on the plaza are Mayor Nancolas, City Finance Director, Eljay Waite and City Councilman Rob Hopper.

It is starting to appear all the time and efforts spent by the folks working on the plaza concept for downtown will ultimately find their efforts in a file drawer at City Hall.  It is very odd the plaza has not received the support TVCC did and this was a project totally redundant to taxpayer supported College of Western Idaho.

Update: Link to OP-ED in IPT this past week:


  1. It was a great feel good moment to hear Mr. Brooks at the College of Idaho and I have to admit I was really excited to hear that FINALLY the people of Caldwell would coalesce around and fund the downtown plaza and other needed things in our downtown. It is very frustrating to see three people with their political power trying to once again kill worthy idea and projects.

  2. On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 12:11 PM, Garret Nancolas wrote:
    Nothing could be further from the truth!! Speaking of amazement, I am constantly amazed at the Guardians willingness to listen to rumor and innuendo without actually asking the persons involved if it is the truth or not….
    Did you once email me or call me to ask about this project? No…. Have you contacted Mr. Waite or Mr. Hopper to ask them about this project? No…
    Just once, it would be appreciated that before a statement like this is made, there be an honest effort to find out facts before opening ones mouth….

    1. Editor note: 3 things need to happen and all the rumors go away:
      1. Date certain for funding
      2. Date certain for ground breaking
      3. Competent Owner Representative hired to bird dog the project


    2. I would love to hear from Mayor Nancolas and the other two individuals what their plan is to start development of the plaza. What is the official first step they are going to take and when?

  3. Shame on you for not doing your research before listening to rumors from self-serving individuals who don't understand the importance of patience. The Mayor and most of the City Council have been extremely supportive of this project. Just because they are doing their due diligence to ensure that the project is done right and isn't a burden to taxpayers doesn't mean that they are "stalling" the movement. If this was a project that you or other patrons didn't want in downtown Caldwell and the Council and Mayor pushed it through without due diligence, proper notifications, and following due process you would be throwing a fit about that. Seriously - good things come to those who wait. Support the efforts of the City and Destination Caldwell by spreading the good word, not rumor mill.

    Keri Smith-Sigman

  4. Mr. Smith-Sigman: please understand this plaza project has been "going through the rinse cycle" since January of 2014. Additionally, there is the project to put up a new structure for Parks and Rec. near the Caldwell Pool via a donated building from R&M Steel. Both of these projects have been pushed to the back burner of Caldwell Politics.

    Caldwell has all the makings of one of Idaho's best communities but our Leaders have backed away from making good decisions since the bad decision to not put Karcher Mall in Caldwell.

    Due diligence? How long must we wait for the Mayor and City Council/Urban Renewal board to come to a decision on both of these projects. These people are the elected leaders of our city and as such they need to walk the talk of LIVE, WORK, PLAY in our city.

  5. It's been quite awhile since the Indian Creek project and I'm very proud of the small part I played in the process. Every since I've been hoping to see development in and around downtown but certainly the recession had an impact. I look foward to seeing the next phase. Always wishing you well in your future planning.


    Larry Rincover
    Negotiation Services, LLC

    Got this as an email comment from Mr. Rincover.....Paul

  6. the assesment that the plaza is being staled is correct. We have the money, we have the sight and we have the requirement.We are being told that we have developers looking at downtown caldwell so we need to keep the plaza quiet.I would like to compare the TVCC build out and ask where was the BID on that one? And where was where was the comunity support on that one.It is of intrest that they recieved a $200,000 reducting in rent due to declining inrollment.What is comining to light is tell them we are in favor then stall with required actions.The secret developers may or may not be what the comunity wants. But I do know that It is being held at bay.I for one will fight for the same speed of progress that we saw on the TVCC project

  7. Personally I'm tired of waiting. Taxes are way too high in this town for the product/ services that we receive.
    Joe Lombardo

  8. Mayor Nancolas has asked for a 90 day hold on any decisions on building a plaza. Hmm.. sounds like there won't be a plaza after all. Nobody knows what the 3 wise men know.

    I really am getting tired of all the false promises about downtown and hope enough others feel the same way so some kind of political arm twisting can help these people see the light.

  9. This business looks like just another effort to line to pockets of "experts" who come to town, everyone gets excited, the politicos either ignore or tear the effort apart. and apathetic citizens are left to wonder just what happened to yet another downtown effort. They talk about due diligence.. I would like to see the due diligence on TVCC and their Coffee Shop. Our elected officials listened to nobody on this project. Now that the economy is back on track I wonder if TVCC is making enough to pay their rent or have they come to Uncle Eljay for yet more money to support this sinking ship.

    People with any institutional memory about downtown efforts remain very skeptical of our Mayor and his Finance Director. Councilman Hopper's favorite words are (name) you have to understand we need to do our due diligence on this project. How come he hasn't been held accountable for his statements about TVCC bringing "critical mass" to downtown.

    Dennis Cannon was another fool who promised 1200 jobs for our downtown. I have heard it all and remain very skeptical.

  10. Here''s a link to an Editorial Opinion piece printed in the Idaho Press Tribune about downtown Caldwell. Downtown Caldwell needs a serious investment from citizens if they ever want to express community and civic pride:

  11. I would support an override levy in much the same manner that schools do every couple of years. This instrument of fund raising was used by then Mayor Brent Coles to buy land in the foothills around the Boise front. It has to be renewed every two years and requires a vote of the people unlike all the abuses of urban renwewal that require no vote of the people.

    Caldwell is a great place to live but our downtown is a shambles that will take more than improvement from out of state property owners. We have a very good schools, a golf course in the middle of town, a major medical facility and favorable housing costs on this side of the Treasure Valley. Now we need to capitalize on those attributes. I hope we can muster the community support needed to make Caldwell an attractor community. Downtown is one of the "lynchpins" for this end objective.

  12. The Three Amigos shot down Rogers Brooks Field to Fork Restaurant when present to them Three months ago!! There was 21 farmers, wineries ,several brewers and distilleries involved . And along with 5 to 8 full time employees. As far as we can see they want caldwell as bed and not breakfast. If us as business people ran are places like they run the city we be in Chapter 7 court .


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