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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mayor Nancolas Speaks on Downtown

THE GUARDIAN got a phone call from Mayor Nancolas and Mr. Eljay Waite, city finance director this morning as a follow-up to a query by me on a couple of issues.  Mayor Nancolas gave me the following responses to some rumors floating around about downtown Caldwell.

1.  It is rumored Mayor Nancolas has asked for a 90 day halt to any further action on our downtown plaza. Mayor Nancolas said it is due to the time frame asked by Roger Brooks to get his final report in for his efforts on our downtown.

2.  Are we going to have a Reel Theater in our downtown?  Mayor Nancolas responded that he was unaware of anyone trying to put a Reel Theater in our downtown. He said he does not even know any of the principal owners of Reel Theaters.

Mayor Nancolas did share with me that there are 4 developers sniffing around downtown for possible projects.  He also indicated the budgets for Caldwell as well as the Urban Renewal Agency would not withstand the $5MM figure asked for support for the Plaza.  Money, siting and other aspects of the plaza project would have to be carefully analyzed during this years budget process for next fiscal year..


  1. Stormy says,
    I don't think our Mayor is dealing off the top of the deck with the citizens of Caldwell with respect to downtown renewal efforts. He has told contradictory statements to fit audience expectations. I wonder when it will all come crashing down on him.

    1. I hope soon because the citizens of Caldwell are having a hard time getting the true facts of things.

  2. "What is the long term plan for downtown revitalization and what quantifiable, measurable metrics are you executing now to either implement or follow that plan" is the real question that needs to be asked of this administration. We've sat on the edge of our seats for 10 plus years awaiting announcements for the next big thing or some top secret developer snooping around town that is "considering" Caldwell and the time has come to show us, through action, what the city's strategy is to actively attract, entice, and close the deal on redev monies in this community.

    Furthermore, I refuse to accept any answer that references the Master Framework Plan or the Red Carpet program as its obvious neither are being practiced nor followed with any validity, consistency, or effectiveness.

    Lastly, I would add that creeks, Christmas lights, parks, and community colleges, (and dare I say plaza), as nice of amenities as they may be, are things, not plans. The time has come to show us how those "things" are to be used as tools in "the plan", if the city even has one, which I doubt considering the only viable strategy on the table right now wasn't even drafted by city hall, but rather by fundraising from Caldwell business owners.

    Anything short of a clear, consistent answer backed by action is just political rhetoric to keep us quietly paying our out of control taxes in this town.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You echo a lot of the anticipation and frustration we have all shared since the URA came into our lives in Caldwell. I too was once very excited to be a part of a change in thinking in Caldwell when I served on the P&Z Commission but it was an experience in living in hope and ultimately I gave way to despair when it comes to renewal of our downtown.. So many other cities have figured out a vibrant downtown is the heart and soul of a community but Caldwell has once again lost its way.

  3. Nancolas has been promising all kinds of things for downtown for so long I don't believe any of it anymore.

  4. You folks over there need to send that guy down the road with a pack on his back.

  5. How long does it take to authorize the green light for a project like the plaza. Just thinking back to the time it took to build TVCC and I have to scratch my head and all I can come up with is all this is a stall maneuver but I can't understand why.

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