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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Property Tax Comparisons For Your Enjoyment

THE GUARDIAN received the following property tax table from a friend in the County Assessor's Office.  I want to share it with readers as we approach the December property tax deadline for the first installment.

Urban areas of Canyon County are 41.7% higher than they are in Ada County.  We have the highest levy rates for both urban and rural parts of the county and there is no way to sugar coat this reality.

Chart VIII
Revised: 1/2/2013
ADA 1.767% 1.413% 1.722%
ADAMS 1.725% 0.948% 1.012%
BANNOCK 1.929% 1.012% 1.725%
BEAR LAKE 0.965% 0.588% 0.664%
BENEWAH 1.536% 0.948% 1.076%
BINGHAM 1.807% 1.140% 1.352%
BLAINE 0.797% 0.677% 0.755%
BOISE 1.370% 1.060% 1.091%
BONNER 1.184% 0.714% 0.813%
BONNEVILLE 1.693% 1.070% 1.500%
BOUNDARY 1.231% 0.893% 0.959%
BUTTE 1.782% 1.141% 1.257%
CAMAS 1.628% 0.988% 1.091%
CANYON 2.505% 1.484% 2.129%
CARIBOU 1.971% 1.025% 1.176%
CASSIA 1.382% 0.886% 1.025%
CLARK 1.285% 0.977% 1.020%
CLEARWATER 1.794% 1.038% 1.228%
CUSTER 0.574% 0.335% 0.373%
ELMORE 2.180% 1.110% 1.518%
FRANKLIN 1.239% 0.901% 1.053%
FREMONT 1.051% 0.706% 0.770%
GEM 2.001% 1.222% 1.435%
GOODING 1.747% 0.965% 1.135%
IDAHO 1.066% 0.589% 0.688%
JEFFERSON 1.876% 1.102% 1.226%
JEROME 1.726% 1.227% 1.521%
KOOTENAI 1.512% 1.001% 1.269%
LATAH 1.809% 1.387% 1.643%
LEMHI 1.249% 0.564% 0.718%
LEWIS 1.867% 1.202% 1.426%
LINCOLN 1.843% 1.066% 1.205%
MADISON 1.598% 1.331% 1.493%
MINIDOKA 1.356% 0.912% 1.075%
NEZ PERCE 1.995% 1.060% 1.662%
ONEIDA 1.548% 0.798% 0.969%
OWYHEE 1.531% 1.029% 1.103%
PAYETTE 1.491% 1.014% 1.309%
POWER 2.179% 1.375% 1.503%
SHOSHONE 1.727% 1.138% 1.367%
TETON 1.148% 0.907% 0.962%
TWIN FALLS 1.878% 1.200% 1.605%
VALLEY 1.344% 0.777% 0.956%
WASHINGTON 1.573% 0.835% 1.038%
Statewide: 1.631% 1.048% 1.379%


  1. Dan says:
    It would be interesting to know the correlation between the high levy rates and the numbers of properties in urban renewal districts.

  2. Actually there are two culprits at work here. Urban renewal districts and School districts. School districts have been slinging levy's left right and center latelyfor building projects and funding stop gaps.

  3. It is going to be interesting over here in Nampa when Team Bob Henry starts cleaning house.

  4. If I am a Nampa Department Head I would be looking to give Mr. Henry a 10-15% reduction in that department budget and not make a fuss about it. It will serve to tell Nampa taxpayers they are with the program and want to keep their positions.

    The cops and firemen are another set of issues and open reluctance to anything but more money and toys in their direction. I can see the "blue flu" headed in Mr. Henry's direction. Mr. Henry can do what President Reagan did and fire the whole lot of them if they don't cooperate. The whining is already palpable.

    1. I see Mayor-elect Henry as a shoulder to the wheel nose to the grindstone type. If someone doesn't do what he wants them to do, that person better resign his position. I don't see Team Bob Henry taking no BS from anybody.

    2. If Bob Henry can demonstrate a spine and backbone it will be a welcome change from the amoebas Tom Dale, Bryan Taylor, Bill Augsburger, Chief Kingsbury, and their squishy ilk.

    3. If Bob has any guts, he will stand up to the whining police union, shut them down once and for all, close the doors on the city PD, and combine with the county sheriffs office giving us all some needed tax relief !

  5. Something that doesn't seem to get in attention is the sweetheart deal that farmers get on their property taxes. The highest assessed value for ag ground in Canyon County is about $1100 per acre, it drops as low as $350 per acre. You can't buy an acre of flat irrigated ground for less than $5000 per acre in 40 acre and larger parcels and some has recently sold for $8000 plus. the law says that property is to be taxed at its fair market value. So at best we are collecting maybe 20% what should be paid on most farm ground and some that is development property pays a fraction of !%.

  6. Paul:

    Thanks for the startling property tax info. differential between City of Caldwell properties & Canyon County property taxes. I've wondered why the taxes on my home are so low as compared with our Caldwell rental home taxes. Maybe it pays not to be able to vote in Caldwell - just joking! (maybe not though??)


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