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Monday, November 11, 2013

Caldwell Before the Blight

THE GUARDIAN received the picture you see in this post from a friend who sent it in a very nice note of appreciation.  It was a post card she purchased years ago at Pennywise Drug and I thougth I would share it with CALDWELL GUARDIAN readers.

The back of the card reads:
"Central district of a town made famous by unusual concentration of numerous mobile home manufacturers- also home of the College of Idaho located in a rich farming area on the interstate highway in west central Idaho - Less than one hours drive from fabulous hunting, fishing, camping and skiing area."

In juxtaposition to what we have for a downtown today, this card depicts Caldwell as a vibrant city with lots of businesses in our downtown.  We have TVCC, the creek uncovered but is Caldwell better off today than it was years ago. 


  1. Caldwell's downtown is a dump and it will remain that way until Mayor Howdy Doody figures out what to do with his boss who runs the urban renewal agency.

  2. I am furious at the amount spent on all the lights downtown... $60,000 for lights? WTF!

  3. I attended the candidate debate/forum in Caldwell and how Mayor Nancolas and Rob Hopper could have sat there and gave downtown a rating of "6" or better is something I would like for them to explain. Downtown was in much better shape before Nancolas took office. Yes, we have Indian Creek uncovered but where is the vitality and look of prosperous businesses in our downtown? It is a joke and the Mayor knows it with the public not holding anyone accountable for all the money spent in the name of "renewal". How has TVCC done anything for downtown businesses?


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