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Thursday, August 29, 2013

City Elections This Fall Registration Deadline September 6th, 5:00PM

Think you have what it takes to make a difference in your city, then now is your opportunity to rise to the occasion.  I pay more attention to Caldwell than other cities because I live here.  Mayor Nancolas is up as well as four (4) city council seats.  Two are incumbents and have been there for a very long time and two are recent appointees.  They are in no particular order,  Rob Hopper, Dennis Callsen, Clarnece Biggers, and Mike Pollard.

Mayor Nancolas has served as Mayor of Caldwell for the last 16 years he also served two terms on the Caldwell City Council if my memory is still intact on this point.  Mayor Nancolas and his City Finance Director/Ubran Renewal Chairman have overseen the distribution of about $60,000,000 in URA funds appropriated from property taxes in Caldwell.  Mr. Hopper and Mr. Callsen have served on the URA board. 

City council people make about $12k/year and get health insurance as an added benefit for serving on the city council.  I will check on the pay and update this post as necessary.

It could not be easier to get your name on the ballot.  All you do is go to city hall and pick up a packet, get your affidavit filled out, get five and preferably 10 registered voters to sign your petition, go to the County Elections Office and have a clerk verify your supporters of 5 or more people and then take all the completed paperwork back to city hall and hand it over to the City Clerk. 

Before you can start spending any campaign money you will have to get a
Campaign Treasurer on your team.  That person can be anyone you choose like your wife or a relative.  They will be in charge of documenting you inflow and outflow of campaign money along with submitting campaign reports to the City Clerk on dates noted in the campaign stuff.  Anyone who can add and subtract at a 6th grade level can do this task.  It is all spelled out in all the paperwork.

For the rest of you, if you don't vote, don't complain about who is in office.


  1. Replies
    1. If I thought I had any real community support I would run. Another issue I would have to come to grips (not gripes) with is, I would be 67 years old. I am retired and enjoy not having to report to a job. It really is time for younger people to step up to the plate with their ideas on how to make Caldwell a better place.

      Another issue for me is, if I did run and get elected I would make every effort to transition Caldwell to City Manager form of government. It is past time we had an educated and trained professional running our city government and the Mayor be the guy running city council meetings and smiling for PR photos.

    2. I'll vote for Pedro. At least he hasn't learned yet how to flush millions of dollars down the toilet.

  2. Nampa has a Mayor in Tom Dale who smiles for photos, cuts ribbons, and lets the rest of the city flounder. Management is beneath his ability

  3. I would love to run for office but the delving into my private life clear back to my exit from the womb is nobody's business but my own. I have watched more than a few viable candidates for public office get some pretty rough treatment clear up to criminal allegations that were later dropped.
    It is my impression threatened incumbents use and abuse public records and their police force to do deep background checks on candidates they are running against and then leak what they have in a manner that will do the most damage to the reputations of opposition candidates and or their family members. The Press Tribune has put it bluntly as a "blood sport" in one of their past editorials. So who do we get to run for public office.. dolts, incompetents and party hacks, adulterers who use their power of incumbency to the maximum.

    I have thougth about running but just don't care to have my life put under a microscope. Thanks but no thanks Paul, it is easier to sit back and be happy the water runs and my toilet flushes. All the wasteful spending and stupid projects are the price to maintain my privacy.

  4. I would like to see someone with influence and backing step up and take on this good old boy (and girl) system that has infiltrated and corrupted the middle class people in Nampa for the past decade or so. It is time to clean up City Hall.

  5. Replies
    1. Over here in Nampa, we need to get rid of the song and dance flim flam man.

  6. Hey Paul good luck with the election. Keep me in mind if any jobs that pay well and don't require much effort open up at the city of Caldwell after your elected.

  7. Good luck paul,I am in nampa but i would vote & work for you!


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