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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Loud, Noisy, Disagreable and Mayor Dale Gets to Decide

There is a very good article on the workings of Nampa City Government and what the addition of Councilman Bob Henry has brought to Nampa's City Council in the Idaho Statesman today (Sunday).

The Nampa City Council is no longer a rubber stamp for the the Mayor and various departments of Nampa City.  Councilors Henry and Kren have demonstrated a parsimonious defense of their view of spending citizens tax dollars v. the opposite attitude  demonstrated with Councilors Pam White and Martin Thorne.  Mayor Dale is having to weigh in with tie breaking votes that generally affirm the votes of White and Thorne.

It is a very good read written by Kristen Rodine of the Idaho Statesman and you can get it all at: 


  1. If you want to see a true mess of taxpayer dollars being spent illegally, check out Middleton and the 30K+ the mayor spent removing elm trees off private property. Didn't even put it on the agenda, decided for himself and just did it.

  2. Bob Henry is right about one thing --city council and Mayor Dale have been focused on keeping city employees and contractors happy as opposed to the unwashed masses even knowing what is going on. Pam White is going to have to step up her research if she is going to argue with Bob. He is doing his homework.
    Mayor Dale has lost his top puppet in the loss of Homer. Will be interesting to see if Police and Firemen's union contracts can stand the light of day as well as other contracts pending. Stay tuned and attend a few council meetings--it is informative and entertaining

  3. I find it curious that I have to read the Boise paper to see anything about the mess we have in Nampa. It seems that the local media wants to keep things under wraps to the benifit of Mr. Dale and company.

  4. I find it refreshing that someone like Mr. Henry is willing to ask questions. His involvement with asking for records from John Bujak helped to bring this nonsense into the bright lights of real leagal and public scrutiny.

    I say, keep it up Mr. Henry and now we need to replace White and Thorne at the earliest opportunity.

  5. I have got this gut feeling that between now and Nov 2013, that the public is going to find out about some truths, and some hinky goings on with the public money. I am licking my chops in anticipation.


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