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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voting Not Complicated as Media Hype Says

THE GUARDIAN went to the elections office today to vote early and it was no big deal.  You will have to fill out a piece of paper indicting party affiliation for the primary.  A note of caution:  Your phone number and email address is requested but not mandatory.  I left those blank.  After filling out the form and presenting my ID it was onward to the ballot.  This phase was just like any other election ballot.  Use a black pen and black out the little oval on the ballot.

You can vote early until 5:00 PM this Friday at the County Elections office at the corner of Chicago and 11th Avenue.  The elections office will be closed on Monday the 14th of May to get ready for the election of Tuesday the 15th of May.  Those happy with the status quo can stay home or vote for the incumbents.  Not happy...then you need to participate in the process.

Unsure where to vote then go to this link and fill in your address:
It is the Idaho Secretary of State Website and it should give you your polling place no matter where you live in Idaho.


  1. Paul there is a typo in this article. Monday the 14th not the 16th. 16th can't come before the 15th....

    I'll be voting for change. Bye Bye Ferd....

    1. Another "senior moment" on my part typing in a dark room. Thanks for the heads up. Paul

    2. It happens to all of us. I put my shirt on inside out the other day and wore it all day like that.

  2. I don't like this idea of mandatory party affiliation, I registered as an independent, not republican, nor democrat. Yes, I know you can add other parties, but see what ballots they actually have at the polling places with real names on them. I don't like having to fill out an application to vote absentee, and the final straw is having to show ID. What next body scanners? You can't even get inside just about any courthouse these days unless you show ID, or walk through a scanner (metal detector). If I vote, it will be in November.

    I also understand some groups are asking people not to vote, but rather to pray. I also wholeheartedly await the return return of Jim Crow laws. Oh and let's not forget that in order to vote in the future elections you'll have to prove both property ownership and slave ownership. Why else do you think we now have the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. I wonder if these idiotic laws the legislature was quick to vote in violate the "Voting Rights Act (1965)" I guess they have an excuse for that one too as they sure don't want anyone to have any rights. Good times yes indeed.

    That is all.

    1. It is a pretty goofy program but if you actually wish to vote in the primary for a candidate then independents have to declare a "temporary" party affiliation. The general election has no such requirement and you can cross party lines and vote for anyone you choose who made it past the primary election.

      One party rule is the norm in Idaho and I agree it makes it harder for Independents to vote come primary time. I also ends up making it a quasi nightmare for County Clerks to have the right number of ballots at each polling station.

      This time around the presentation of ID's and filling out the Party Affiliation Form is making it slower to get in and out of the polling station.

      All of this is just more nutty stuff from the party in power. The caucus method for selecting a presidential candidate is equally nutty. It locks out people serving in the military and those who just don't wish to spend hours v. munutes in this effort.

  3. Today is election day, I am going to go and vote against rule and ferd. Change is good. Anybody know if their opponents have filed bankruptcy?

  4. PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS It appears there are 58,662 independent voters plus 7900 GOP primary voters will be able to POTENTIALLY support and elect Independent Conservative Candidate Robert Muse For Canyon County Sheriff


    4,576 primary GOP voters did not vote for a sheriff candidate over 24% refused to vote for this office. A rising sign that the independent candidacy will be viable November 6, 2012

    24% No Vote for any sheriff candidate

    43% ................Erickson

    6% ....Ed Hendershot

    83% Total no votes for Donahue...or 17% of the GOP voted for this Candidate



    Total ballots cast 20591

    Total votes for sheriff candidates 16025

    Last Updated: 05/16/12 12:28 AM
    Total Registered Voters in Precincts Voting (as of 04/20/2012): 79,253
    Total Ballots Counted: 20591
    Registered Voter Turnout: 25.98%
    Precincts Completed: 62 out of 62

    1. Dream on Muse. Dream on. You will get no more than 10 % of the vote. You are an Independent and way out there at that!If you wanted a real shot at this you should have run on the Republican ticket but then you would have lost there too.


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