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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time For Feedback on County Master Plan

 Canyon County Commishes have availed themselves via four public meetings last  week and this week to present the plan developed by their paid consultant, Carter, Gobel, Lee.  It is now time for residents and taxpayers to weigh in on what was presented.  THE GUARDIAN put together the photo in this post for consideration and has submitted it to the Commishes for their comment and review.

Caldwell East Urban Renewal will not take on any new projects after 2014 and will be totally shut down in 2022 when all outstanding revenue bonds are paid off. Money from the "increment" (aka property taxes) will continue to flow to the URA but they will return that revenue to the taxing districts.  It is apparent the money will not go back to taxing districts and be used to lower taxes, it will get spent.  The only question is will it go for capital improvement projects or payroll and other current and recurring costs of government. None of the governmental districts can raise taxes as they are under a legislative cap on taxation and it appears we will be in this mode for a good long while unless the economy makes a dramatic recovery.

One of the comments that came out in the public meetings was why we don't have night court.  Another comment overheard was why don't they run the courts 7-days a week along with adding night court.  M-F operations of the courts has been the norm for years and other cites faced with court efficiency issues have at least gone to night court.  Yet another was to shut down the Nampa Courthouse, the DMV operation and pull the Public Defender's offices into the existing courthouse complex if the new structure actually gets built.  The county could sell off all this real estate in addition to the property out on 20/6 and I-84 and use the funds toward consolidating operations back to the Caldwell Courthouse Campus.

I am happy to forward constructive comments to the Commishes. And now is your opportunity to get your thoughts and ideas out for consideration.


  1. I goin down town and rob a store near the police officers station so I can get arrested and go to jail. Its obvious which side of the bread the butter is on from this picture. Nice new digs, well organized so not to many "bosses" will be required so as to bother you while taking a nap in you nice new warm cot.

    1. I don't care what Teflon Tom says about the new "police state" station. In my book it is the Taj Mahal that was built without the peoples approval.

  2. I think maybe it is a doable plan done in stages. First stage can be funded out of current revenue. 2nd part which is a couple of years down the road if bonds are necessary I would like an advisory vote at that time . stage 3 and 4 are several years away so I see no point in getting too excited about them now altho Initially I like the concept.

  3. I would like to see County Comm's put all the excess property they already own on the market and back on the tax rolls.

    Next, I would like to see the Nampa Court shut down and integrated into the Caldwell Courts. The duplication of effort is a waste of money and could be applied to the operational costs of the new buildings. Add the Nampa Courthouse property to the list of things for sale.
    It makes no sense to transport inmates from the county jail to Nampa for court. Money, manpower and transportation costs would go away.

    Caldwell URA money the county is scheduled to receive will just get spent on rat hole items if not spent for a decent and needed capital project. If it gets folded back into the general fund it will disappear on pay raises and benefits.

  4. Folks, do your homework before making comments. Inmates are not transported to the Nampa Annex. Defendants with "Nampa" cases being held in the jail appear for court hearings via a video link.

  5. DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY ON THESE PROJECTS. Make do with what is there and for once we can see how THAT works. Close out CEURA -NOW.

    To the Commissioners:

    I can live without a new Porsche. YOU can live and operate without any of this CRAP.

  6. Booger has really put his finger on the problem!

  7. It might be time to think out side the box to have a new private jail built and paid for by a Private Corporation in the rear detention parking lot for housing immigration hold, canyon county sentenced, IDOC holds, other jurisdictional transitional jail holds. Defendants pending trial will stay housed in current jail. Buy and tear down the bail bond and elections office for new building and parking. Do not tear down the work center and do not build another juvenile center there is no real net gain. Get rid of the court yard and build in the middle of court house or just rent Karcher Mall the empty Macy's building and move all county services that are non-criminal justice related offices and do not build anything. Just think what it would do for the struggling mall and centralization for serving the whole community.

  8. Not too keen on privatizing any jail operations. Prisons yes, because you are dealing with convicts, jails no because you are dealing with the accused rather than the convicted. I love the Karcher mall idea though. That is incredible thinking outside the box. I agree. Keep the criminal justice entities in the courthouse and move everyone else to the mall where they would be more accessible to the public. When you consider there are bus routes that go there on a regular schedule I don't see how anyone can say they don't have a way to get there. Talk about built in convenience too. Never have to fight for parking, food available nearby in case you have to eat on the run. I like this idea so much you should run for commissioner.


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