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Friday, April 27, 2012

Candidate Position Statements Welcome to Post On Guardian

Candidates for all State and local offices are welcome to post their position statements on the Caldwell Guardian.  I would ask you to keep your statementsto less than 500 words.  Most elected offices are decided in the primary in Idaho given the RED v. BLUE state of the State.  We hope voters will take the time and effort to learn about candidates and participate in the election process.
Early voting started on Monday, April 23 and will continue to May 11th, 2012.Primary Election is on May 15th......You can vote early at County Elections Office at 1102 Chicago St.

 Sometimes it is unclear where you should actually vote given changes in districts and polling places.


  1. If Ethics, affordable energy prices, and limited government are important to you please vote for me a candidate for State Senate District 13 against a 5 term incumbant
    Hubert Osborne
    For the long winded version of what I stand for please visit my website at

  2. To the Patriot Citizens of Canyon County,
    The highest duty as a citizen for the Office of Sheriff is to serve you. All citizens, rich or poor, Democrat, Republican or Independent, white, black, brown or otherwise, will be treated equally under the law, with respect, dignity and fairness. This is the duty and honor from the oath taken and saying what you’re going to do, and doing it, and getting results.”
    Why do I want to be sheriff? It is the greatest Patriotic duty of every citizen to serve and protect the rights supported by the constitution. There is need of new leadership, vision and a master strategic plan for the future that will not include new jail bonds, new taxes, but reduced expenses. Pretrial and Alternative sentencing do not represent these constitutional values in there current social justice pretrial programs and are failing nation wide with expensive cost overruns to taxpayers.
    I have a plan to reduce jail population that combines the Bail Agencies with pretrial that returns this original process back to the 8th amendment of the constitution. It is funded by the Bail Agencies through their paid forfeitures to the court. No new taxes or fees involved. In addition, I will establish a “Volunteer Citizens Review Panel” that includes purchasing contracts, a revised Reserve and POSSE service with no new increases in the budget.
    The Constitution of the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land. The 4th,5th ,6th and 8th Amendments guarantee that all matters dealing with Life, Liberty and Property must be tried by a trial by jury. The Sheriff must protect the process to both sides of jail door. No citizen or government agency will be receiving special privilege above the equal justice of the law!
    If I have to arrest a judge, a prosecutor, a senator for violating the Supreme Law of the Land, so help me God, I will. POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER ABSOLUTELY CORRUPTS and before any agent or officer from any city, county, state or federal government agency attempts to arrest or take private property, they will ASK FOR PERMISSION FROM YOUR SHERIFF.
    The buck stops here - period.
    It is my highest honor to support and defend the most inspirational constitutional document ever written by the hand of man with god’s ink.
    Canyon County Sheriff Independent Conservative Candidate,Robert Dean Muse

    1. Yes indeed. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. Is Canyon County ready for this guy's version of Posse Comitatus.

    2. Link on Posse Comitaus

  3. Right out of the gate, Muse was unable to follow the rules and get his filing paperwork in on time. After whining about how unfair it was, he's now running as an independent write-n-candidate. Power corrupts and he already wants to exhort his.

    1. I believe it was Mr. Hendershot who missed the filing deadline unless Mr. Muse has made the same error. I will check on this when the elections office opens ...Paul

  4. No Paul, you got it right. It was Hendershot who missed the filing deadline and is now the write in candidate. Muse made the filing filing deadline. He is running as an independent conservative and not as a republican. I'm not sure if Hendershot is an Independent, Constitutionalist or a Republican. I guess we will see if he gets enough votes to get on the ballot in November first.

  5. Clarity of expression. Independent Conservative Candidate. Filed all paper work on time. Name will be printed on ballot. A couple of points.

    Press Release rebuttal:

    Independent Conservative Candidate Robert Muse

    IPT Editorial Board stated “I am not what the community is looking for”

    So is the IPT Editorial board looking for candidates to Unionize the County and Sheriff’s Office?

    1. Do you want a local union supported candidate for Sheriff and County Commissioner who have been listed by the Fraternal Order of Police Union as supporters?

    2. When did the vetted Republican establishment become a supporter for the liberal encroachment into the 10th amendment for a state’s right through these closed primary GOP candidates?

    3. The FOP supports Donahue and Hansen and they accepted.

    4. FOP direct support of Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act. FOP would have used the Federal Labor Relations Authority to force over 3000 Sheriffs to accept FOP wages and benefit at an increased cost to tax payers.

    5. Was this an unconstitutional Act against the state by increasing future taxes and operating expenses through the unionization of the Canyon County?

    6. Largest Fraternal Order of Police Union (FOP) actions lack integrity and trust concerning the unlawful and guilty use of

    $ 9,000,000 millions dollars for union gain from solicited donations for World Trade Center officers and families they did not receive.

    7. The FOP wants to reduce the 1st amendment right to free speech with the ability to stop a citizen from recording an officer at a traffic stop.

    8. CANYON COUNTY – The former President of the Local FOP #29 Chapter along with other Canyon County Sheriff's Office employees had been reprimanded by Sheriff Chris Smith for using county equipment for election purposes prohibited by county personal rules in 2008.

    9. Do you see a FOP a local and national pattern? Do the research and find lawsuits against agencies all over the country by the FOP.

    10. So, if I am the wrong conservative direction, so then unionism is the right direction as a liberal solution that is open to this formulation for the editorial board's due diligence as an investigative opinion? Just checking for clarification.

    I am demonstrating the power to restrict federal authority, national and local unions, and the separation of powers protected by the 10 amendment. Go to web site for actual links and verification of this factual information and context.

    Canyon County Sheriff Independent Conservative Candidate Robert Muse

    1. Wow..... I guess that about says it. Wow..... Are we sure the state school isn't missing someone?

  6. I got a statment about FOP and how it represents police worker bee's. I am sorry to say I had a "senior moment" and hit the delete button v. the publish option. I will post the message if the sender will send it to me again.


  7. WOW!! Muse sounds like a real nut job, just what we need in this county. I think I might miss that box on the ballot, Liberal this and liberal that, you sir don't sound conservative at all, you sound crazy. I hope all your rants don't put you on the outs with all the deputies, or are you already there? Peace!!!

    1. I am afraid Messers Muse and Hendershcot have no chance due to the fact they are write in candidates. The only two I noted running for Sheirff on the ballot were Erickson and Donahue.


  8. Robert Muse's name is published on the November 6, 2012 ballot and is not a write in candidate.


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