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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time To Change Netflix Plan Or Your Bill Will Increase $8.54 In September

The dog days of summer are here and frankly, the items of interest for Caldwell and Nampa readers is pretty low this time of year.  City officials are finalizing budget numbers to try and convince all of us they are running a tight ship with out tax dollars.  
I know the Netflix post here and the ARMORALL post may not captivate the interest of GUARDIAN readers but take heart, our elected leaders will be back in rare form sooner, rather than later.....

In case you forget about it, the good people at NETFLIX have decided to double up on you with a unprecedented $7.99 plus tax rate increase on your home delivery.  The only way to get around it is to go to another provider or drop home delivery from NETFLIX.  NETFLIX had a great deal for DVD watchers but they just had to screw around with their pricing structure again. (Greed is good and they just took a giant rate increase.)

They raised the price last year due to the success of the DVD rental plans they offered now they're at it again.  They are looking to get rid of as much of the USPS services and jobs of people filling those evnelopes as they can with this latest round of increases.  I just clicked off the home delivery option for DVD's and will use the Internet for NETFLIX videos here at our home.  REDBOX at Albertson's and Walgreen's will be my DVD provider from now on unless a challenger comes along to compete with NETFLIX in the near term.

NETFLIX has pretty much given their customers a poke in the eye with a dull stick with this latest rate increase of $7.99 plus tax for home delivery of one movie at a time via USPS and an additional $7.99 plus tax for Internet services you can download.  Just a reminder to readers who may have put off making the changes in time to avoid the rate increases.  Some people may consider NETFLIX still a bargain at whatever they charge but we collectively made the decision to abandon NETFLIX home delivery services.


  1. Netflix won over a lot of consumers with the deal they offered as a combo. I used the downloaded movies to fill in between mailings of videos. It was a sweet deal for consumers. My feelings about Netfilx at the present time is they are just out money grubbing. The video selections you can download are pretty much what I would call "B" movies with the majority rated at 3 stars or less. To get the really good stuff you have to sign on for the mail service.

    The frustrating part is they have no competetion in this niche market. $15.99/mo. is just too much for video rentals given the time we have to watch them.

  2. I'm curious how Netflix is being "money grubbing" by setting the price they feel they need for their product. You have the right to not use their product if you feel it is over priced. Economics 101 the vale of something is established by what one party will sell some thing for and what another party will pay for it. Good old capitalism is still the best option we have if it is allowed to work.

  3. You're slipping, Paul.
    First ArmorAll and now NetFlix!
    I thought this Blog was about Canyon County government, urban renewal, property taxes...etc.
    What gives?

  4. You got me on the Netflix and Armorall posts. It has been slow for items readers might be interested in reading.

    On the Capitalism comment do you not think it odd the largest capitalistic society and government is in hock up to our eyeballs in debt to the largest Communist country in the world?

    I throw nickles around like they are manhole covers. And yes I voted on Netflix with my VISA CARD and dropped the snail mail DVD service. I may drop the Internet offerings as well due to the poor selection of "B" and lower rated videos to choose from via instant download. I may relent at some point in the future when the doldrums of winter have set in and review this decision to abandon NETFLIX mail service.

    1. We're in hock because to many idiots are 'voting' for the fools that thing a balanced budget is imposable, when every citizen is required by law to maintain one!

  5. We are now experiencing the results of good old free for all, buyer beware, laissez faire, crap shoot, casino type, shoot from the hip type capitalism that was practiced in the early part of the first decade of the century, that it is a wonder the country is still standing. Regulation and government oversight matters. We are going through a big disaster cleanup after what that village idiot from Texas left us. Oh, good advice on Armorall, and the days of Blockbuster are missed.

  6. Just how many jobs have the beneficiaries of the tax cuts generated since GW Bush got them passed? Big business is sitting on over $1.5 Trillion in cash and aren't creating any jobs. The Federal Reserve threw them a straight over the plate strike ball this past week in the statement they are going to leave interest rates at or near ZERO for the two years. They are now going to have to do something with all the cash they have hoarded or face the wrath of stockholders who expect a better than ZERO return. Mr. Bush tried to return us to the days of the Robber-Barron's and the Gilded age of the haves and have-not's.

    We have yet to see any of the crooks who created this mess head to prison or be held accountable for the financial ruin they created. All I am getting is my social security and medicare are now entitlements that I don't deserve despite a near lifetime of paying into the programs. I am disgusted by politicians and wonks who have the temerity to tell me these are "entitlements" and my
    eligibility to get them is questionable.

    Owing money to the largest communist nation on earth is appalling and our people in Congress can't get past petty party politics to deal this reality.

  7. Wow, my ArmorAll comments must have struck a nerve. Thanks, Paul (sincerely)!

    Now, folks.....back to Canyon County politics.

  8. Note to readers, I would love to have you develop post for my blog you can remain anonymous use a pseudonym or your real name. Just keep it factual and I may have to edit it down but will make every effort to keep the message you intend.


  9. The problem as I see it with our ecconomy is that true capitalism is being rerpessed to the point that the reward for working hard and smart is no longer there. If someone is able to produce either through hard work and determination or even luck the end reasult is jobs and benfits for their workers. If the workers do not feel they are being paid what their worth they are free to seek employment else where or start their own company. Those who take the risk should recive the rerward for doing so.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Poor Bob. He took so many risks and those darned employees of his have the nerve, the absolute unmitigated gall to ask him to be paid minimum wage! Working hard and being smart is only part of the equation Bob. You have to have something to invest first to be able to "risk it all". You sound like someone born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Go ahead and tell us all how tough you had it. Consider yourself very fortunate to have money to invest. Some will work their fingers to the bone their whole lives and never get a chance to get ahead. If you had your way, it's obvious you would destroy the middle class of America and set us back to the days of robber barons and JP Morgan. No thanks Bob.


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