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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Security Checkpoints Like Finding Needle In Haystack

Most of us by now have had to endure a security checkpoint along with all the trials and tribulations of dealing with these check points  in our daily lives.  We unwillingly put up with this invasion of our personal space in the spirit of "Safety" but the amount of effort put out yields very little in the way of safety.  You can go online to sites that sell all the contraband pocket knives, tools, fingernail clippers, scissors and other assorted and sundry items taken away from people at these check points.

On one of my fishing trips to Mexico in years past I got the pleasure of having to dig through my luggage to remove a small butane lighter from my fishing tackle box.  Mind you, this was not carry on but in baggage I was checking in on the return leg of my flight to Loretto, Mx.

The problem with security checks is they are engaged in looking for a needle in a giant haystack and the efforts are largely a waste of every one's time and resources spent looking for objects that for the most part are not a threat to anyone.

We read with interest a few days back about the latest comments in the local paper from Commissioner Steve Rule about Courthouse Security.  He is looking to put more people through the main entrance of the courthouse.  His reference was they are looking at taking away card lock passes carried by most employees.  The decision to stop giving employees the full meal deal at the front door cleared up a lot of congestion and now they're looking at taking a giant step backward.

The challenge should be trying to make the haystack smaller to increase the odds of finding problems but Comm. Rule is thinks making the haystack bigger will increase safety and the odds of finding some contraband items employees may be carrying in on a daily basis.  The events of this past weekend will only serve to increase the anxiety over safety issues at our courthouse. 

Of course the reality is the general population is sort of like IVORY Soap 99.46% of the population is not a problem.  It is the 0.54% we have to worry about and have to inconvenience everyone to get to that elusive 0.54% or less who would do us all harm if given the chance.

Meanwhile, we all continue to be herded like livestock through the TSA and various other "Safety" check points that do little but inconvenience everyone.  People paying attention to what is going on around them and reacting in an appropriate manner is the best security system we can all hope and pray for in a world under constant threat of something bad happening.


  1. Don't put up with this unconstitutional garbage! Boycott Flying ENTIRELY until sanity returns! Please join us on Facebook:

  2. GA says..
    I just deplore the photos of TSA people putting elderly people and the infirm through all the show biz security stuff.

    I carry a CPAP with me when I travel. You would think this medical device is some kind of security threat with all the dismantling and swabbing of whatever the hell that cotton swab has on it. I also find parking rules at the Boise Airport reprehensible to disabled people.


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