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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mayor Should Publish Specific Dollar Amounts

The following letter was written as a letter to the editor in today's IPT by Chuck Stadick of Caldwell.  We are reprinting his letter by permission for your review and comment:

"In regards to Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas' comment in the Dec. 31 paper about a $17 parking ticket he got which the city of Caldwell paid for-  "All this over 17 bucks?"

If you want taxpayers to take you seriously and give you credit for returning hundred and hundreds of bucks turned back to the city for per diem pay, please publish those figures, please publish the amounts you and your personal elected board of urban renewal folks spend on projects we the taxpayers have no vote on whatsoever.

Let's not be phony but transparent and honest about everything.

We the taxpayers will be patiently waiting for those figures to be published on both the urban renewal expenditures and your credits.  The last five years would be ample for both."
  • Chuck Stadick, Caldwell


  1. How about it, King Nancolas?
    We're all waiting.

  2. I would also include Mayor Tom Dale of Nampa in that discussion. It seems that the only input he is interested in from the tax payers is to pay the bill.

  3. "Let's not be phony but transparent and honest about everything." Good advise.

  4. Looks like the mayor needs plugs!

  5. Nancolas is too busy taking the high school kids on taxpayer supported field trips to Washington DC and the Senior Citizens on taxpayer supported trips to the coast, McCall and white water boating. He can't be bothered with hanging around good ol'Caldwell.

    Try to get an appointment with him. It will take you several weeks due to his busy schedule that keeps him out of town and on the road.


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