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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Message Center Sign In the Offing at 10th and Blaine

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN Caldwell city officials are investigating the erection of a big fancy message center sign at 10th and Blaine Streets, one of the busiest intersections in town. 

We have not heard about the size but rest assured it will be a big bold kitchy addition to our revitalized downtown. 

A great big Welcome to Caldwell along with paid advertising is the plan to help pay for the initial and ongoing costs of this darling of the night sky of our revitalized downtown.  We think this sparkling addition to downtown will be another project paid for with property tax dollars via Caldwell East Urban Renewal.

One reader has offered the solution to downtown that would go great with this sign would be to deed the entire downtown to a local Indian tribe.  They could add more life to our downtown with Indian Casino gaming.

Millions have been spent downtown by CEURA.  Our Mayor and City Councilors are trying hard to come up with  tax generating projects that will  help downtown resurrect itself from the current economic doldrums.

Perhaps this sign will generate some positive cash flow and tax revenue via advertising dollars this sign may generate. 


  1. I can only imagine how garish this is going to look. There's a place for these types of signs but this location is not the right place.

  2. All this brought to you from the Gypsies in the Palace. Does anyone really think a sing proclaiming all is great in Caldwell is the tonic for what ails this town?

  3. The bright lights of a new message center sign will surely be the catalyst to show the world just how great downtown Caldwell really is.

    Mayor Nancolas can even have his picture on this sign leading everyone to the promised land of downtown Caldwell... Frankly, I have heard it all over and over and over to no avail that I can see or determine. Time's Up Mayor time for a new and improved approach from the next carpetbagger.


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