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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mayor Nancolas Called To Accountability For Caldwell

The below letter was published in today's Idaho Press Tribune and we are posting it with permission from Mr. D. L. Maitland with his permission.

Is Mayor Nancolas delusional?

Mayor Nancolas cites the Winter Wonderland lights in downtown Caldwell as one on the events of importance to the re-birth of Caldwell. The lights are nice, no question about it, however, I challenge Mayor Nancolas’ assertion about the importance of this in the re-birth of a “vibrant” business friendly downtown Caldwell. Where’s the substance with regard to economic viability for downtown Caldwell?

The sad facts are quite evident after 14 years of Mayor Nancolas’ administration we now have a more destitute and decaying downtown than we did before he took office. Nancolas brought us an Urban Renewal agency that has been very effective at shutting down struggling businesses.

A drive around downtown will not give anyone the false impression of a “revived, rejuvenated downtown Caldwell. What we do have is empty buildings and businesses. Urban renewal purchases of property for amounts way beyond any reasonable values piled on several multiples of assessed valuation and taxes on retail and commercial property are problematic in an already decaying downtown Caldwell.

We now have a TVCC building bought and paid for with Caldwell taxpayer money that does not generate a dime of tax revenue. Downtown businesses can also look forward to the exit of SW District Health offices in the near term along with 75 employees gone along with any demand for downtown business goods and services

It has been sad to watch as citizens bought into the MUSIC MAN con Mayor Nancolas has been able to sell to citizens of Caldwell over the last 14 years of his administration. Residents and business owners have been deceived by Nancolas and it is time we held our Mayor accountable for all the continued decay of Caldwell.

D. L. Maitland, Caldwell, Idaho


    Nampa Mayor Tom Dale was sighted sitting on Santa's lap!

    Tom whispered in Santa's ear.

    With a look of surprise Santa replied,

    "Tom, you know full well you have to be the Mayor of CALDWELL in order to get a FREE year-long pass to the YMCA !"

    But SANTA!!!.......

    "Don't "But Santa" me! Santa ALREADY visited Nampa City Hall EARLY this year and gave FIVE % raises to everyone!"

  2. Way to Go D.L. Maitland!

    You have more guts than I do...I still feel that showing my name will create retaliation at my job. I know it's sad, but I'd rather not think about the destruction this Mayor and city council has done over the past some odd years.

    There are benefactors of Nancolas' leadership(including Tom Dale),I now shop in Nampa.

  3. The paper today had an editorial page worth reading for a change! I too am not pleased with the resluts of Mr. Nancolas and his lethargic city council and urban renewal downtown.

    I would like to know how many millions have been spent by urban renewal in Caldwell. I know it is a lot and we sure don't have much to show for all the money spent so far.

    Property owner's downtown can't get people to rent their property, the ones willing to rent can't afford the code upgrades required by the city, and owners can't sell their property either as there is no market for dilapdated store fronts. Fourteen years and millions spent for essentially nothing that will renew or restore downtown Caldwell.... Let's hope Dino's Barber Shop Survives

  4. Well spoken D.L. Maitland! It's very difficult to chastise one who is so winky-twinkly and huggy. The schools love this mayor because he loves to hang around the teens and impress them and smooze the teachers. So how do we ever make room for someone who knows how to restore a blighted downtown? I do believe we have very good city departments & employees, but they need cohesive leadership. How many mayor advisory commissions does it take? When plans are formulated and it becomes time for action, they are dismissed a new advisory board is formed, and the new one has not a clue of what the former commission did. It's busy work - to placate the ciizenry and lull them into a false sense of "now we're making progress."
    How many professional studies have to be paid for, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to be stashed away in some drawer? I think the word is courage. That's what it will take to move Caldwell forward and that's what is lacking in city hall.
    What about the loss of King's downtown? That seemed to be the final blow. Did anyone from city hall make a call to the King family & see what could be done to keep that business downtown?
    And something else, some of us are sick & tired of the ego-stroking Local Legends fiasco where-in our illustrious "leaders" love to dress in clothes of the opposite sex and display embarrassing and suggestive exhibitionism. I'd pay more money to support the Idaho Youth Games if they quit doing that. Divas, you are not! Grow up!

  5. Ben says..
    We had to edit Ben's comment a bit..I think this is the message Ben was trying to get across.

    Mayor Nancolas works hard with not only the youth of the community but across all age groups.

  6. I have never been able to understand what makes the area bounded by 10Th Ave., 3rd St., Cleveland Blvd and the UPRR tracks, so important.
    This area was developed a over hundred years ago for the economic need of that time. If you drove your buggy or Model T to Caldwell for Saturday shopping, it was probably great. It served the area well. The decline of Caldwell started in 1963 when Harry Daum from Parma built the Karcher Mall. Today this area is not large enough to build a big Walmart store. This area will never be a destination for Boise folks as it was in the 1970's and 1980's, when the Top Theatre (XXX) and the Saratoga Restaurant, made for a fine Friday or Saturday night date.
    Maybe a XXX Flick and a nice Chop House would work down there.
    Hot Postum!

  7. Ben obviously doesn't pay property taxes in the CEUR district.

  8. Here's they Mayor's comment:

    "Mayor Garret Nancolas, Caldwell’s mayor for the last 13 years, said he was on city business at a meeting at the Capitol when the time on his parking meter expired. The city paid the city of Boise the $17 fine in February, according to the city’s check register.

    “When I’m on city business, they (the city) pay for my expenses. That’s just how it is,” Nancolas said. “Like we pay for a hotel room, or meals if on city business. It’s just that simple.”

    Nancolas said on the day he got his ticket that he was stuck in a meeting regarding double taxation and couldn’t leave to recharge the meter. He said the ticket was unavoidable"

    Too bad he can't understand a $10k car allowance should cover the parking ticket.


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