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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Army Corps of Engineers Wants to Dam Boise River

Another case of why GROTHOPHOBES have a good argument.
By David R. Frazier (aka Boise Guardian)

Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers and Idaho Water Resource Board presented preliminary findings from the “Lower Boise River Interim Feasibility Study” of potential dam sites on the Boise River system

They claim a new dam is needed for water supply and flood risk management, not hydropower. Targeted rivers include the North and Middle Fork Boise Rivers which were protected from new dams by the state in 1992.

Here’s what the greenies at Idaho Rivers United have to say about the proposals along with some common sense observations about the future:

A dam on the North Fork or Middle Fork would have devastating environmental and social effects. A dam at Twin Springs on the Middle Fork would destroy campgrounds, Class IV whitewater, and endangered Bull Trout habitat, as well as wildlife habitat along Middle Fork and North Fork Boise River.

A new dam is unnecessary and extremely expensive. The consequences of a dam could not be mitigated, and the costs to our state and the nation far outweigh the potential benefits. Less drastic alternatives can be used to meet our water needs and reduce flood risk even as we experience growth.

Public funding should go toward the study of these more feasible and less costly options, which include:

- -efficiency and conservation

–water rental pools and water marketing to provide water to new users

–a floodplain levy to limit building in the floodplain

The Boise River is a vital consideration in economic, environmental, and quality of life issues in Idaho. It provides water for household use and irrigation and nearby recreational opportunities. Its beauty is also a great draw for new businesses and potential residents.

If we destroy our natural resources by building a new dam, we jeopardize the future growth, health, and livability of our community.

The Corps is accepting written public comment through July 31st. Please visit for more information or call 343-7481


  1. You know, reading this, I can't tell whether you both (Aldredge and Frazier) support the idea of a new dam or not. Usually you don't call people names when you agree with them ("greenies"). I'd agree that you don't always have to support an organization to acknowledge that they're making sense, but you might want to clarify a bit more what your actual position is, rather than take sideways swipes at people.

  2. Building dams so flood plain areas can be developed is a problem for me especially when they want to tax me for the effort.

  3. My stance is very simple. We need to be respectful stewards of what we have left of wild and scenic places, practice urban infill when it comes to development and discourage sprawl. Development should pay for itself rather than taxpayers underwriting sprawl with more and higher property taxes.

    I don't know what the latest edition of FEMA maps looks like but building dams to allow developement on that land and taxing all of us in the process seems wrong to me.

    Additionally, we live in a siesmically active region and need to be mindful of that along with the failure of the Teton Dam in the 1970's.

  4. You kidding thats standard operating procedure here. SIDEWAYS SWIPES !

  5. the newest earthen dam that was built in Idaho was on the South Fork of Willow Creek above Middleton. 100 feet high-500 feet long. Built with public monies on private land-so no need to get taxpayer approval


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