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Friday, June 11, 2010

Canyon Prosecutor Contract Comments

The storm clouds of doubt and concern over the contract deal between Canyon County Prosecutor and the city of Nampa have a pretty simple solution for all concerned. 

The deal between Mr. Bujak and Nampa caught the eye of the outside audit of the County this time around.  The fact remains the Commishes signed off on the deal and all the parties were in agreement. The issue is how much does Mr. Bujak pay himself via his private law practice to administer the deal.  Check registers from Nampa for checks issued to Mr. Bujak or his firm are a matter of public record.  The amount actually received by the County is also a matter of public record.

Seems like a simple exercise in grade school math to get to the answer.  Or the parties involved lay their cards on thte table and put an end to the speculation and innuendo.  Perhaps Mr. Bujac will use the Monday budget hearing to clear the air on this matter once and for all.


  1. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

  2. Something is "fishy" about all this.

  3. Mr. Bujak could explain all of this is a paragraph or two and be transparent to the public without all this fussing around.

    Certainly some small admnistrative fee for the record keeping and disbursements is not out of order for any services rendered.

  4. Didn't Mr. Bujak promise us a greatly improved level of transparency when he ran for office?

  5. Show us the books Mr. Bujak! Why all this charades? An accountant friend of mine, that audits schools and cities, said this would not cut it if he were the accountant for the county. Don't ask and don't tell doesn't work for not disclosing to the taxpayers.

  6. You can find more information on this at the Press Tribune website:

    The article is entitled, "Bujak: Contract details will come." It also includes a subheading that reads: "Prosecutor explains new debt lawsuits."

  7. Why did you pull your other post on the prosecutor contract? He's saying the same thing in today's article. He intends to keep money instead of turning 100% over to the County.

  8. I have read that he claims he has $30,000 a month in non salary expenses that he claims is laptops, scanners and paper. This is ridiculous ! I have never heard of a job where you go to work and spend half your time working on your own business. If we are only getting 20 hours a week as a county prosecutor, then maybe his base salary should be cut in half? Lets get a recall going and get Mr Bujak out of office.

  9. So this behavior is any different than the rest of the Elected Officials running the County? Take a look....two out of three Commissioners have filed bankruptcy, the Sheriff spends three out of four weeks a month vacationing or otherwise "playing", the Coroner plays video games, smokes cigarettes and drinks coffee all day, the Assessor has the fox in the henhouse stealing huge sums of money, the Clerk? Well, he's on his way out so another financial wreck and ruin can run the County budget, the Treasurer? well, enough said on that. That old saying about the birds of a feather seems to fit here in this den of snakes.


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