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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Caldwell Urban Renewal Sucks Up Majority of UR Property Taxes In Canyon County

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN by a reliable source $9.8 MM dollars are siphoned off the property taxes collected in Canyon County for 2009.  Caldwell East Urban Renewal received about $6 million of the money and the remaining $3.8 million went to Nampa and other UR agencies in the county.

What was really interesting is the data nailed down just how much each taxpayer outside of the urban renewal districts is getting charged by Urban Renewal county wide.  The total levy UR has on every $100K of taxable value in the county is $114.12 per $100k of taxable value.

The "high priests" of urban renewal keep telling us UR is money that is no cost to taxpayers.  We welcome these folks to explain how $114.12 per $100K of taxable value for of 2009 is not a cost to property taxpayers.

You will soon be receiving your new assessed values on your property for 2010 and can now figure out how much Urban Renewal is costing you personally.  Those inside the district pay even more money and they know how much via their tax bills.

The point of all this is UR is a $9.8 MM tax shift all county taxpayers get to pay for along with all the revenue bonding (debt) these agencies will take on with the "easy pay plan" for additional millions. Mayor Tom Dale in Nampa has to most ambitious plans with his new police HQ and library projects.  The principal will be around  $68 million if he holds the line where it was when the Nampa Development Corporation was formed.  You have to love the names given to agencies that are nothing short of taxation without representation.

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  1. Paul, please find out before Tuesday's vote for raise school taxes: How much if any tax revenue has the school district lost due to UR? Thanks.


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