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Friday, April 23, 2010

School Supplemental Levy Election Dates

We advocate for citizens to exercise their rights to vote on debt and here is an excellent opportunity for your voice to be heard. Schools are facing some budgeting decisions and your vote will dictate what happens.

Here are election dates by school district:

Nampa School District will be next Tuesday April 27, 2010. No change to current taxes.

Vallivue School District Tuesday May 4th. No change to current taxes.

Caldwell School District will be Tuesday May 18th. Caldwell election will cost property taxpayers an additional $137.00 per $100K of taxable value.

Tuesday 4-27-10 We received the following from the Caldwell School District Info Office:

"The CSD Board of Trustees is asking voters to a approve a $2.75 million supplemental levy and a $350,000 plant facilities levy. Both of these will replace a levy that expires this year.

The supplemental levy funds elementary and middle school orchestra and music, elementary counselors and secondary athletics and activities. This levy will sustain — not enhance — programs that are already being offered to students in the Caldwell School District.

The plant facilities levy funds technology hardware and building repairs, such as roof repairs, carpet and paint."

Middleton School District Tuesday May 18th. No change to current taxes.

We are not sure why the dates for these elections were not consolidated into a single date but it is, what it is. We encourage you to get out and vote. It was pointed out by a reader this is a levy override election and all it takes to pass is a simple majority of 50% plus one vote of those who actually take the time to cast a vote.

Urban Renewal in Nampa does remit taxes generated in the urban renwewal district in Nampa to Nampa schools.

Urban Renewal in Caldwell does not remit any taxes back to Caldwell School District. Any monies remitted to Caldwell School District from the CEURA is incidental and at the pleasure of the CEURA board.


  1. Caldwell seems to be building an awful lot of schools lately. How many more do they want to build?

    I guess all I can say is I am happy I don't live in that school district. By my estimation, Caldwell City residents will now be paying 150% of what I pay in taxes living in the Vallivue school district. First CEURA, now build more schools when we can't afford to pay the teachers we have. (See Cart and Horse analogy).
    Just my thoughts.

  2. The new schools were built with taxpayer approved bond elections and will be paid for over the next couple of decades via property taxes.

    The really galling part of this is a lot of the homes for the new schools are in the urban renewal district and as a result none of their property taxes go to support the very schools their kids attend.

    Now the school district wants us all to pony up more property taxes. All because urban renewal is sucking the system dry for school funding.

    George Grant the Supt. of Vallivue took Nampa to court to get the money from Nampa's UR agency. Too bad Roger Quarrels the Caldwell Supt. of Schools can't muster the will to take on Mayor Nancolas.

  3. Another Caldwell School District Bond? Vote No!

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  5. The Caldwell School District has had a supplemental levy for many years. But now in the worse of times for their patrons they are asking not for a continuation of the current levy rate, but for an increase in the levy rate. Wonder how we'll pay for that given that many of us are earning less money if we are still lucky enough to have a job.

  6. I have to say have not paid much attention to school district elections in the past. I have taken note that Caldwell has not cut any positions, programs or demonstrated any decreases in staffing during these hard times.

    If Mr. Grant can get urban renewal money from Nampa then why isn't Caldwell and Mr. Quarrels doing the same in Caldwell?

    I can think of no good reason to vote yes on this bond election. Schools have just as much responsibility to share the burden of the times as any other tax supported arm of government.

  7. It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the reason for the increase of $137/$100k of taxable value is that this will be essentially an override on top of and override election. So if you live in Caldwell School District 132 you are already paying for an override and now they want more.

    We hope you find this useful when casting your vote on this school override+ election. The date for this election is May 18th.

  8. VOTE NO! The school system is turning out an inferior product at a higher cost. They have way to much administrative staff. They should reduce this staff. The only way to fight this waste of taxpayer money is to VOTE NO.

  9. It is not a bond election. It is a supplemental levy election. Simple majority to pass.

  10. We would take issue with the statement that our schools are turning out an "inferior product" with respect to the offspring who grew up in our household. I am proud to say my oldest son is a Mechanical Engineer, my daughter a RN and my youngest son an Auditor for a neighboring State to Idaho.

    The question put before voters is do we give more money via property taxes or not in the current economic downturn. The Idaho Legislature has said schools have to do more with less from the state level. Is that then the message voters need to affirm or deny with this override election?

    Falling property values already announced by the assessor indicate there will be a corresponding increase in the levy rates to keep budgets revenue neutral unless all the taxing entities are willing to step up and spend less money than they did last year. All indicators say they are not going to spend less but are going to spend even more money than last year.

  11. You might want to read I.C. 59-2908 which is short says that the taxing districts, including schools, will recieve all of the money generated from any new bond, plant facilies, or supplemental levies.

  12. Maybe Caldwell School district should go to Caldwell Urban Renewal and get money like TVCC did. TVCC is an out of state school and it looks like they are getting full funding from Caldwell Urban Renewal. Rich Uncle Eljay at city hall may be able to help here.

  13. As more of the fallout and backwash of Urban Renwal impacts are unveiled, I still can not believe the propagators of this system in any kind of moral, fairness, or obligation to support the will of the people continue to support it. The misdirection of the UR law that appears to have had a good intent (helping fund removing urban blight in well defined districts where the impact of incremental tax deversions would not affect other taxing districts) has now morfed into a massive dervision of property taxpayer money into an unregulated slush fund.

    Our legislators have certainly stepped up to the plate in style to help rectify this problem by tossing the status quo or something that is not clear on to the general election as referendum
    that can only continue the problem or make it worse. Fine Fellows with little spine.

    How can anyone (especially "The Old Grey Mayor" of Caldwell, who ain"t what he used to be) be the cheerleader for diverting money from going to school districts into dubious commercial investments. The actual mechanics of this are spelled out explicitly in the Canyon County Assessors website, so this allegation is not just a figment of my imagination. The fact that Nampa has at least reflected a little moral terpidtude in giving a little UR money back to the School District shows Caldwell for what they are. A joke in the past was that there must be something in the water in Caldwell that has caused Caldwell's past and present problems, but I now believe its the people we have allowed to be elected and bathe in it that have poisoned it.

    I still have the questions I posted to a previous blog as to why does the "Old Grey Mayor" and designates continue to support UR projects in the light of the complete inappropiatness of these plans in the current economic times.

    Is he Obama's disciple?

  14. It would be interesting to know whose bank account some of the profit from thease Urban Renewal projects winds up in.

  15. True or false: The supplemental levy and plant facility levy in Caldwell will increase our tax rates, not keep them flat.

  16. Taxes will increase in Caldwell to the tune of $137.00/$100,000 of taxable value.

    Taxes will remain flat for other districts seeking override approvals

  17. True or false?

    Property values are dropping. Even without asking for more money, our taxes would be going up.

  18. So let me get this straight... because some of you disagree with how the city and district leaders are handling money, our children and hardworking teachers (many of whom use 10% and more of their own income already to supplement classroom materials. field tripts, etc.), get to suffer?? Come on everyone... we are looking at $10-$20 per month! If this levy does not pass, be prepared for lots of door-to-door fundraisers this year! But hey, maybe some of you would rather support your local schools this way. At least you would know the money was being used to benefit the students directly.

    On another note, Caldwell school suffer from a lack of one resource that does not cost anything-- volunteers! If you really want to see where your money is going, try offering to help in classrooms and form relationships with the teachers and administration. Bottom line-- if you don't want to give your money, the least you can do is offer your time.

  19. Taxing entities remain budget neutral plus 3% raise in taxes each year. This means property values will drop and the levy rates will go up.

    (Assessed value X levy rate) + (3% more taxes than last year) = budgeted money for this year

  20. Good post, "...". How do you calculate the $10 to $20 per month? Is that total per month? Is that additional per month? Does that consider dropping property values and the "automatic" tax increases that come with that trend?

  21. Since 1991 my property taxes have quadrupled. My house payment went up last year $145 per month for escrow shortages. On my modest little home, believe me when I say modest, I am already paying $600 in Caldwell School Bonds per year. If the new one passes, I will then be paying at least $750 per year in school bonds. My income has decreased substantially in the past two years and yet costs keep rising. I also feel Caldwell School District was not honest with the need to build the new Vanburren School stating the old one could not be repaired - YET NOW it is fine for the alternative high school?

  22. Here's the thing. The building of Canyon Springs and the Freshman Academy was a PR move by Quarles. He thinks he's done some great thing, yet he's sucked all the resources from the kids who want to be in school. He also portrayed the CSD as "impoverished" - right down to doing the kids' laundry, yet somehow, CSD had enough money to pay his large salary, his vehicle, his (and his family - who live in Kuna btw) health insurance as well as his Ph.D, which he is now taking to BSU. It's not the kids' fault he screwed them. Get rid of the current board, and demand an audit.


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