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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Caldwell Taxpayers On The Hook For Additional Million To Finish TVCC Project

THE GUARDIAN fired off an email inquiry to City Finance Director and CEURA Chairman, Eljay Waite yesterday for clarification on why Caldwell urban renewal agency is now looking to borrow another million dollars for "tenant improvements" to the TVCC project in downtown Caldwell. No answer has yet been received. It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN TVCC got their Oregon budget cut and can't come up with the $1 million necessary to furnish the building. Now Caldwell taxpayers are going to foot the bill.

TVCC originally was going to occupy the building rent free for the first two year and put up the million bucks now they are offering to pay the interest on the "loan". Mayor Nancolas and Mr. Waite have now put Caldwell taxpayers on the hook for the extra million.

The following is a quote taken from the UR minutes from the April 6th meeting of the Urban Renewal agency:

"Chairman Waite introduced a financing proposal from ICB for the tenant improvements andequipment for the education building. The proposal is for $1,000,000 @ 3.6225% for 5 years."

CEURA will repay Oppenheimer Development Group $9.5 million for this building and now they need another million to finish the job! We can only guess a serious component of the building was not figured into the cost of the project. Could it be TVCC now wants Caldwell Urban Renewal to pay for all the furniture like desks, chairs and lab furnishings on top of the already heavily subsidized rent and other accommodations ?

Oregon based TVCC is leasing the project for $350K/year. This works out to a lease of $8.74/square foot per year. All of this is subsidized by Caldwell property taxpayers without any voter input or oversight. Urban Renewal in Caldwell is running like a big slush fund with taxpayers footing the bills.


  1. A $1,000,000.00 loan from ICB! Why does Caldwell Urban Renewal need a loan? Isn't our tax money good enough? No wonder why Caldwell Urban renewal in being investigated by the AG. Please let us know when the Chairman gets you that answer about the million dollar loan.


  2. It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN:
    1. TVCC got their budget cut and can't pay for furnishings for the new digs.

    2. TVCC will pay interest on the load as well as the first two years rent that was forgiven in the original lease deal. $350K/yr is the number we received and Mayor Nancolas spoke publicly about.

    3. CEURA will borrow the $1 million and buy the furniture at Caldwell taxpayer expense on top of the costs paid to Oppenheimer Development.


  4. Caldwell, Mayor, Oppenheimer, and TVCC needs to be sued to stop this rape of the taxpayer!

  5. Over 70 plus million spent .. All ready 9 plus million .. When does it stop.,
    no jobs, everyone leaving caldwell, the highest taxes around..
    Mayor needs to step down.,,

  6. This is an outrage .., what kind a mayor do u have here ..

  7. Caldwell taxpayers had their chance last November... enjoy the remainder of their Lord Nancholas' and Waite's reign.

  8. I CANNOT believe THIS! Please tell me that the local media will be covering this? WTF is going on over there?

  9. Below is where government attention, in Caldwell and elsewhere, should be directed:

    “Canyon County had Idaho’s highest county foreclosure rate in February, with one in every 119 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing — 3.5 times the national average, RealtyTrac said. Ada County had more total foreclosure filings than any other county.”

    I hope the AG takes the Caldwell urban development investigation seriously and doesn’t allow partisan politics to enter into any decision

  10. The Mayor has truly shown that he is not trustworthy. He says one thing and does another. He is never truthful about anything! Mayor Nancolas can not function without a government grant or borrowing money.

    This guy will never return anyone's phone calls or is ever available in his office.

    Mayor Nancolas please step forward and be a man! I know of a 78 year old lady that wants to knock some sense into you...

  11. Larry Wasden, Idaho's Attorney General, will most likely shuffle any action on Caldwell,s
    rape of the tax payer, by the urban development bunch, to the bottom of the pile.
    AG Wasden, was used in 1977 on a case brought by a taxpayer that would not put up with Caldwell's
    loose rules on subdivision development. Yes folks, Caldwell officials has been at this "Good Old Boy" system for decades. Wasden was a cub lawyer in Nampa trying to get his foot in the door of the lawyer racket, working for Clark Law.
    The disgruntled tax payers finger landed on Wasdens name in the phone book, not knowing what kind of fella he had chosen. After months of depositions with the city engineer, Wasden in his utter confusion, had to call in Mr. Clark to get his opinion. Mr Clark looked the case over and told Wasden to do what the taxpayer had told him to do months before. I would not count on Wasden to do anything when it comes to investigating Caldwell City Hall's corruption.
    Mr. Clark is a fine attorney, not of Wasdens ilk.
    Wasden is in over his head as AG, and should not be counted on for any action!

  12. Oregon's enormous budget deficit has hit Caldwell with a vengeance. Nancolas, city counselors, and Oppenheimer Group have chosen a dud of a client, TVCC, for the Caldwell property taxpayer to support. Caldwell has plenty of problems right here at home that these fools could have tried to solve, but no, they had to try and be big shots and make a deal with an Oregon Community College. How much more taxpayer money will have to be poured down the downtown rat hole? Every few months in the future will the taxpayer be asked for millions more to keep another states Community College afloat? TVCC in Caldwell is a disaster, every time they are short of $$$$ they will come begging to Eljay Waite for more $$$$. Caldwell will be stuck with TVCC like a 36 year old, out of work slacker, in the back bed room playing video games, eating Cheetos, and mooching off Mom or Dad.
    I do not think anyone could have come up with a dummer plan than has been implemented in downtown Caldwell. Caldwell has entered the "Twilight Zone".
    As Obama's preacher friend from Chicago said, "The chickens is coming home to roost!"

  13. I'm a first time visitor of your site. I'm new to the area. Some of the things said on here are very interesting. The TVCC thing might work, but the cost seems high.

  14. City council are bunch of bums. They are just collecting there benefits, most of the council never made it in the big world. The mayor went from selling furniture at blacker's to running a 60 million plus a year City of Caldwell , by the way blacker file bankruptcies there no return job waiting. As for the 60 million a year city for the last 14 years, just drive around ... Get rid of the bums... If they care so much about Caldwell, let them open a business downtown with there own money, there a few hundred empty buildings to choose from..GET RID OF THE BUMS

  15. In the the late 70's Caldwell had the Top Theater playing XXX porn movies, and the Saratoga Restaurant. Every Friday and Saturday night, the whole down town would have cars with 1A license plates parked there, for a dinner and movie date. The Tico Tico Bar was just up the street, always a tinderbox of violence. It was common for the Caldwell Hospital to report many weekend stabbings and shootings, seems a couple bodies were found in dumpsters. But this era was nothing compared to what's coming out of Caldwell City Hall today! Oh, for the old days!

  16. An on going theme in local government...file bankruptcy and get a government job. City, two county commissioners Rule and Ferdinand. City hires buddies that are failing financially by giving them a sweetheart job for urban renewal "tours" at 35 dollars an hour.

    What is the theme for canyon county and cities. "LET'S GET OUR BUDDIES AND FAMILY MEMBERS EITHER ELECTED OR A DO NOTHING JOB FOR BIG PAY" No experience necessary! Heck it's easy to blindside the taxpayers.

  17. Is there a way to get more oversight over the Urban Renewal Agency? This irresponsible spending of the tax payer monies is a complete outrage. I was one of the minority who voted against all incumbents this past fall. This current administration is a disgrace to Caldwell. They should be looking for smart investments to promote Caldwell, not suffocate the taxpayers with pie-in-the-sky projects. If they do not understand the basic concepts of business, go back to school and get actual business education! I would be happy to offer my business education (MBA) to help them stop WASTING our tax dollars!

  18. To whomever posted the 70's reference:
    Fast forward 30 years we are in the 2000's. Caldwell's downtown has been dormant for over 15 years. You must be a more taxes on the poor citizens of Caldwell supporter. Anything to make the "Nice Guy" Garrett look good, even if it comes at your expense? Get a clue!

  19. The above comments seem to miss what I think is a very relevant question. Why, in the face of dire budget consequences faced by the nation, state, and local governments, do they think we need to spend money on such things as a new City Hall, downtown renovation/stimulus, and other projects as noted in previous articles.

    For purposes of this discussion I would assume that our city officials and designates are neither getting paid off or receiving kickbacks, or that they are stupid. These assumptions necessarily can be dealt with separately.

    Question #1
    The cost vs benefits of these projects to the taxpayers of Caldwell is so highly questionable
    that why would a reasonable person support them.

    Question #2
    For what reason would anyone empowered with a public trust (Mayor, City Council, or employed designates) wish to counter the majority will. (ie. sidestep bond elections, block public input and avoid transparency)

    Question #3
    Why would a person risk their personal reputation and possible lawsuits or criminal prosecution to continue this agenda.
    (ie. The Big Fool Said to Push On from a Pete
    Seeger song)

    The Canyon County Commissioners seem to have learned this by placing the jail issue on the ballot for what I expect will be a final attempt. They can the then say; (assuming the bond fails) Even though we need this project, we will follow the will of the people/voters and not pursue this further. An astute political move I would guess.

    I have yet to hear a statement answering these questions within my parameters. I would love to see this addressed.

  20. Here's is one for the books. Rob Oats professes to be a Libertarian, you know small no intervention type government. He goes along with all the tax and spending. He is the one supporting paying for a high priced tour-guide for Caldwell Urban Renewal District.

    Oats better look at that little libertarian chart thingy they have.

  21. To the anonymous that thinks I need a clue about the late 70's in Caldwell. In the late 70's Caldwell had Ace Supply Co, Idaho Meat Packers, Kit RV, Kit Mobile Homes, Hoff Forest Products, Hoff Building Supply, Irrigators Lumber Co, Circle J Trailers, Happy Day Ford, Berg Chevrolet, a Nissan dealership, Summers Office Supply, Simplot Feedlot, Western Bearing, Idaho Bearing, and Caldwell Electric. ALL OF THESE COMPANIES PROVIDED A LOT OF JOBS. ALL OF THESE COMPANIES ARE GONE. The ONLY thing Caldwell provided in the 70's was Police/Fire protection, water, sewer, low property taxes, and stayed out of the way, to let private enterprise work.

    Thirty years later, Caldwell has the one of the highest property taxes in Idaho, 13 per cent unemployment, a Mayor that has no regard for taxpayers, appoints most of his own city counsel, including his ex boss, makes deals with an Oregon College (TVCC), who can only "rent" from year to year, sending 20% of the revenue back to Oregon, and are getting budget cuts. In his manic obsession Nancolas wants to build a $32,000,000.00 temple/city hall to himself and his short boys. The Caldwell property tax payer is taking it in the Fruit of The Looms, big time. The Mayor is morally bankrupt.
    Ya, I liked Caldwell a lot better in the late 70's.
    The last four lines in your comment are your words, not mine.

  22. To the 70's person,
    let me appologize, I miss read what you had wrote. I too remember when Downtown was fun to go to, there were business to shop in and our City had some "Leadership" per say. I agree that we now have "leaders" if you can say that, that do not listen to what the people of Caldwell want. All they care about is what will make them look good in the eyes of their friends. We don't need a $30M City Hall, or the TVCC project. It won't bring anything to downtown other than two buildings that don't pay taxes. Sorry again for miss reading your post.


  24. When are we going to hear about the law suit that was just settled on one of the subdivisions. I was told that the details are not open to the public. If the details that I heard are true and the city is paying 1/2 million to settle out of the general fund don't I as a tax payer have the right to know where my tax dollars are being spent. TVCC is not the only problem for Caldweell.


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