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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Assessments For Property Are Down, Taxes Going Up!~

You have probably received your 2009 property tax assessed valuation and noted the reduced valuations. Don't hold your breath for lower taxes. All the various taxing districts set their budgets and that is what drives taxes. All we can expect is taxes are going to go up by 3% allowed by law each year.

The people running taxing subdivisions of our local government are going to get every penny they can collect from us. They do not have to live withing the reality of what those of us paying the bills have to deal with in our own personal lives. Starving the Beast is not in their language.

Add to this the inflation escalator the legislature put into law and if your total assessed value is $204,000 or less you will be subsidizing the starter castles property taxes. The homeowners exemption is a maximum of 50% of a maximum of $204k. If you are "average" you house is well below the specified max. You will get to subsidized the large homeowners with valuations in excess of $204k because they can utilize all of the homeowners exemption allowed by law. It is going to be a tax shift to the lower valued homes to take up the slack. It is confusing but the good people at the assessors office will be happy to explain it to you.

Taxing Districts on my tax notices are:

AMBULAND DISTRICT budget hearing is 9-1-2009
City of Caldwelll '' " 8-17-2009
Caldwell Schools '' '' 6-8-2009
Canyon Hwy Dist #4 '' '' 8-13-2009
Canyon County '' '' 9-1-2009
Mosquito Abatement '' '' 8-13-2009
College of Western Idaho '' '' 8-18-2009

There will be no budget hearing for TVCC as Caldwell East Urban Renewal will be underwriting their costs with Urban Renewal property taxes. They have asked for $300K. from Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency.


  1. Are you talking about caldwell, nampa, county taxes or all taxes going up?

  2. Comments from the 6/8/09 meeting:My question is how can a building with no improvements is 14 year have the taxes go from 280,000 to over 700,000 in one year(that is 440,000 dollar increase)when the building has been for sale for 6years at 250,000 and no one wants it? It was explained that the budget is set and then taxes are set to matach it. What kind of seasoning is this. Do they want all the business to leave this area or go broke?

  3. Some small business men have had a 250% raise in their property tax value yet the property will not sell at 1/3 the price. How can this be right or fair? They want more money from a broke county and they don't want to cut back on their end.But daily the jobs still disappear and people cannot even maintain the old life style. How can they expect us to come up with more money? Its time for a real change, true management and fair play.

  4. Never mind, got my tax notice today. My taxes went down. But then again I don't live in a city, I live in the county.

    If taxes are going up, must be in the cities....


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