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Monday, February 23, 2009

Perp Walk Time For Bankers and Wall Street Crooks

We are now over a year into all the financial shenanagans pulled by Wall Street and the Banks. If you have watched the value of your retirment and stock accounts evaporate into the electronic cosmos via all the crooks, you need to start screaming for a pound of flesh.

Just like Enron and WORLD COM, only on a bigger scale, the pretty boys in Gucci loafers and Brooks Brotthers suits have fleeced all of us once again. When do we get some retribution? Quite simply, what went on was a free for all of unbridled greed with our money and without our knowledge. We trusted these guys to do the right thing and act honestly, they didn't and it is past Time to do the perp walk and face the music in court.

The banking system and the equity markets are built on fiduciary responsibility, trust and a certain amount of risk taking. You can't loan a guy making $20k a year a million bucks and call it responsible or keeping the trust. These kids of actiona are a violation of fiduciary responsiblity. The guys and gals making the loans knew is was wrong but they had their marching orders from the TOP DOGS. Time for their collective heads to be served up on a platter.

Just like ENRON, it is past the time we need to see some people doing the perp walk and hopefully going away to "CLUB FED" for a few decades. It won't bring back the cash, stocks, and retirement accounts but it will send a clear message to those contemplating a repeat. I can't believe more people are not marching in the streets over all this baloney.

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