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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions For Elected Officials And All Of Us

The IPT editorial board has a most excellent set of resolutions for our elected politicos for 2009. They can be found on the OPED page of today's paper.

1. Don't use your work email accounts to send out jokes that some people may find offensive.

2. Don't be packing heat when you go to the airport.

3. Don't plead guilty something you didn't do to "make it go away."

4. Don't try to sneak around the voting taxpayers when yo want to spend money on a project.

The rest of us can all get naked and stand in front of a full length mirror and come up with a decent list of things that we need to address. Add to that the usual smoking and drinking stuff and resolve to be a good role model for our kids and others.

That said, we can only hope for a better 2009 in the financial markets along with wisdom and good choices our elected politicos will need to make for the new year.

Dale Dixon of the BBB offers:

1. You didn't win anything despite what the email or letter says or how much the check sent to you says.

2. Easy money is not easy.

3. Always deal with reliable merchants and service people.

4. Safeguard your personal information like credit card, bank account, drivers license, and social security numbers.

1 comment:

  1. The commissioners already told the IPT what they thought of their comments. It doesn't change and will not change, they are the elect deciders. This is why the public does not trust politicians and government. Everything gets swept under the rug for the "good of a stable government." Those that try making a difference are made to look fullish and treated as trouble makers.

    IPT needs to look harder at those who really try to streamline and save tax dollars and those that just use smoke and mirrors to get what they want and spend frivolously. They also need to start asking the tough questions and quite believing everything at face value.


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