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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Think an appeal on your assessment will work, think again!

THE GUARDIAN learned from a local paper reporter there were 800 appeals to assessments on property valuations last year in Canyon County. The number of appeals that were approved ...30! Moral of the story is don't waste yours and their time.

It is a rigged program not in favor of the property owner. THE GUARDIAN feels like none of the assessments in his neighborhood reflect anywhere near what property can be sold for in the market today. Matters not to the Assessor and his data base that reflects last years sales data. Homes have been on the market for more than 400 days with no takers but the Assessor remains steadfast in the valuations that they are indeed correct.

So, suck it up all you proud homeowners and pay the piper. Your complaints will not garner much in the way of any changes to your new assessments. Thanks, to the state legislature, the stalwarts at the Assessors office and their new Manitron/PRO-VALUE software. Another method additionally used by the Assessor in leiu of physical appraisals is the use of overhead photos done by airplanes that capture photos of your property. All of this stuff is done behind a desk and on a computer for the most part. Your actual property value is at best a statistical guess.

Also heard from inside the walls at 1115 Albany Street is that the Manitron System used to determine the new and improved valuations is the very same system that caused all the ruckus on our 2007 property tax bills with the Traci Lloyd and the Treasurers Office. Also, the Commishes have shoved another Million dollars or so at the county IT Department and about $370,000 or so will go to Manitron to do fixes and patches on this boondoggle. We would all lilke to think the system would work according to "purchase specifications" and the necessary support would have come with the original deal. Seems we may have just purchased the DEMO and now Manitron is in the process of bleeding us taxpayers dry in more than one manner to get the system to work in the manner claimed by the supplier. (Does all this sound like a DILBERT comic strip or what?).

It will be interesting to see if the deciders at the legislature get enough blowback from constituents to actually move to a weight avearge on property assessments this next term. We all drank the Kool Aid on the last go around that was supposed to "lower our taxes" like the ads for Mr. Risch stated during the primary.

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