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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IPT "Pillow Fight" Candidate Forum Report

THE GUARDIAN attended the candidate forum at the Nampa City Council Chambers last night. It was very well moderated by Vickie Holbrook and everyone was for the most part very polite to one another.

Key question was asked by MS. Holbrook. Going forward should there be a bond election on any further money spent on the jail project. Every candidate except for Steve Rule and Dave Young agreed, there should be a vote of the public before any further money is spent on this project.

The next issue that THE GUARDIAN keyed on was the 287(g) training opportunity not taken by Sheriff Smith. George Nourse wants the training for all field and jail deputy staff so they can detain and turn illegals over to the ICE people when they are stopped in the field. This can't happen now when a car load of illegals are pulled over in the field. If they pull up a foreign ID or voter registration card nothing can happen due to the lack of training.

Sheriff Smith is content to have ICE agents in his jail Monday-Friday during regular daylight hours (and not there on holidays and weekends). The opportunity missed here is to hold and deport those that are brought into the jail after normal working hours or who are pulled over in the daily rountine of a field stop after hours. If these people bond out they are effectively out of the reach of the ICE people. Training under the 287(g) program would allow holding and deporting of these people. This is a huge difference in thinking between the two sheriff candidates.

It was pretty much a polite "pillow fight" and well moderated by Vickie Holbrook who asked the question about bonding any further expenses on the jail project.

THE GUARDIAN would suggest that the candidates running for Prosecutor take the time for a quick read of Article 8 sec. 3 of the Idaho Constitution and rethink if the county is in violation of that as well as Idaho Judicial Confirmation laws.

This question will be put to a judge when the citizen lawsuit is filed. Have they created a long term debt or obligation beyond one budget cycle on the jail project. History of expenditures to date and what they are headed for by not completing the project this year suggest that they are in violation of these laws.

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