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Monday, May 26, 2008

Court of Public Opinion Opens May 27th

The Court of Public Opinion will hold a session tomorrow called ELECTION DAY!

The voters of Canyon County have an opportunity to make some changes or maintain the status quo at 1115 Albany. It is predicted this will be a low voter turnout election. Only those with feelings and opinions about the issues and candidates will make the effort to show up and cast their vote.

Wednesday morning we will all know if we have made any changes to our Representative Republic form of county government here in Canyon County and if we get some fresh new faces and thinking on how to deal with all the problems and opportunities. THE GUARDIAN does not make endorsements of candidates but hopes that the public recognizes the dire need for some changes in management on the first floor of the courthouse.

Spending huge sums of tax dollars in the manner they have been the past few years without any voting by the public has been very bad form on the part of the Commissioners. The Jail properties purchased and one not yet sold is very troubling. The jail fiasco two times around, the Supreme Court Lawsuit and they can't understand that we want to weigh in (reads vote up or down) on how our money is spent is a problem. The Job Service building purchase and yankng the rug out from under Vallivue School District was underhanded (even if deemed to be legal). Having to get our information from a "talking head" and not directly from the people we elected to stand up a speak for themselves is a problem, not to say an unnecessary expense of our tax dollars. The inablity of the Commissioners to make public records open to the public all the time is an issue. Too many Executive sessions some actually illegal and far too many in the room we never get to see or hear what actually happens behind the closed doors. The Marc Young year long administrative leave mess paid by the taxpayers and accural of vacation while he was on paid administrative leave are more than a little bit troubling. The current cash flow issues that are starting to surface and openly talked about by people working at the courthouse. The outside audit comments about spending monies from the general fund and justice funds that have to be reconciled. The list goes on and on.

All of the above is cause for voter concern and needs to be corrected or ratified in the election process tomorrow. Pick your candidates wisely or we put up with more of the same inept management of our tax dollars.

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