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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

EPA and IDEQ Mandates

I received the following letter from Nampa resident Hubert Osborne regarding $165 MM bond election to upgrade Nampa wastewater:

Just as Congress is facing trillion $$$ deficits for the foreseeable future we find that the city of Nampa, Idaho is facing the same problem with a $165 million bond issue plus interest which is estimated at over $94 million for a total debt increase of nearly $270 million. unprecedented for a city of our size.

The reason is none other than strict interpretation of the clean water act and aggressive action by the EPA and IDEQ to enforce Phosphorous standards.

In a document entitled Lower Boise River Total Maximum Daily Load: 2015 Total Phosphorous Addendum (IDEQ, August 2015) it concludes water quality goals cannot be met without significant reductions from non-point sources. In addition IDEQ concludes that municipal sources who contribute minimal degradation in water quality thru discharges from effluent into, in Nampa's case Indian Creek which is a tributary of the Boise River, even if they fully are able to comply with the mandates it will make little difference. It is documented in the study non-point sources provide over 80% of the constituent load.

Because of the mandates as interpreted in the Clean Water Act, IDEQ has decided to put enforcement and the resulting huge cost burden  on municipalities while depending on voluntary compliance from non-point sources.

Preliminary estimates put the monthly increase to the average resident of as much as $111 per month. Clearly this is a huge burden on a community where the poverty rate exceeds 22 percent.

Proposals have been made to recycle the water onto farmland which in this area needs more phosphorous for crop production but permission to even do this has not been granted.

The City of Nampa has already spent $38 million which has achieved a 90% reduction in Phosphorous.

We implore you for regulatory relief.

Respectfully requested,
Canyon County Concerned Citizens (26 names on file)
by Hubert Osborne


  1. I am wondering out loud to myself if this isn't a good time for someone to make an appeal to President Trump via our Congressional Representatives. We have had the same water and wastewater for a very long time without any noticeable consequences. The interpretation of the clean water act just keeps getting more and more strict. Where does all this end? Surely there are better places to put this kind of money. Nampa has painted itself into a nasty corner with the debts created under former mayor Tom Dale with the library and police building and you can add that parking garage that was supposed to generate all kinds of money but never has since it opened. You can add the goofy amount needed to build a new jail, more schools and lack of impact fees to pay for new infrastructure as well. We are all being taxed way too much for all this stuff. I don't expect this bond measure for 165 million dollars to pass.

  2. I might be getting off subject here, but what is, was, or whatever going on with the deal with the old Canyon County Annex building in Nampa. Something slipped through the cracks, got any input on this?


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