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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Guardian keeps hearing about how impossible it is for people to reach credit reporting agencies to put a freeze on their private credit information.  Has anyone asked WHY we are the ones who must put a freeze on our private credit information?  Credit reporting agencies have collected private information on all of us and have kept this information without our approval and now we are the ones who must contact all of the credit reporting agencies and "at our own cost" pay these agencies to put a freeze on our private information.

The Guardian thinks it is time for Congress to step in and make all the credit reporting agencies put a freeze on our private information.  If we want to release our private information to someone then we can do so of our own volition.  There are plenty of mistakes made with credit reporting that can ruin members of the public without having the very agency in charge of our information not keeping it private,

Take the time to let Congressman Raul Labrador know how you feel and ask his help in getting the credit reporting agencies to put an automatic freeze on our credit information until it it actually released by us. Here's a link to Congressman Labrador's Webpage:,  it takes just a few minutes to send him your thoughts on this matter.  They really do listen and want to hear how you think about this serious breach of our private information.

UPDATE 9/20/2017:  The Guardian went to the Equifax site and they now have a quick and easy signup for Cyber Security and Credit Monitoring.  Here's a link
You can check to see if your credit information has been compromised and sign up at this site free of charge.


  1. Well said Paul. Why are we expected to pick up the trash Equifax created. I can only hope something on the order of what happened to VW officials happens with Equifax's management.

  2. I did go to the Equifax website today and found a way to find out if my information as well as my wife's were compromised. They acknowledged both of our sets of information had been compromised and to register to be put on the list of people who would have free credit monitoring until the dust settles on all of this. It was free and easy to register and I would recommend checking this out at


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