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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brian Bishop Write-In Candidate for Idaho District 10-B

I took the time to meet with write-in candidate for District 10B (Darrell Bolz seat) and as usual I post candidate information to help with anyone willing to run for public office.  Mr. Bishop missed the filing deadline due to the birth of a new member of his family.  He is very interested in representing the people of District 10.  Mr. Bishop is a Harvard educated lawyer who specializes in Finance Law.
This is a very unusual election and Mr. Bishop is asking for your Write-In Vote this election cycle.

"Greg Chaney, the candidate whose name is on the ballot for the Republican nomination in District
10B, has suspended his campaign efforts and announced that he will not accept the nomination.
I am running as a write-in candidate to make sure we have a strong Republican candidate in District 10B for the general election. I believe I have the right combination of conservative values, professional experience and educational background to hit the ground running and be a strong advocate in the legislature.
I am both fiscally and socially conservative—I favor limited government, individual liberty, lower taxes, and smarter, reduced regulation to lessen the burdens on individuals and businesses in the state. I am also strongly pro-life, oppose same-sex marriage and support the traditional family and will fight to protect the individual right to bear arms. I am very willing to consider innovative ideas, such as charter schools, to help our community and government function better, but I will always test them against my deeply held conservative principles.

Here are a few facts about me:
  • Third-generation Idahoan, born and raised in the Nampa area
  • Grew up on my grandfather's dairy farm
  • Graduate of Vallivue High School, first in class (tied)
  • Graduate of Brigham Young University in Linguistics, summa cum laude
  • Graduate of Harvard Law School with a degree in law
  • Graduate of Tufts University with a master's degree in international relations
  • Attorney for nearly ten years with a corporate finance practice
  • Practiced law with a large international law firm for approximately five years in London and New York
  • Moved to Caldwell in 2008
  • My wife Kamber and I have four children (8, 6, 3, and two months!)
I invite you to look at my website——for more information about me and my positions on the issues.  I’m also happy to respond to any questions.  I can be reached at and at 972-2797."

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