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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nancolas Not A Good Fit Anymore

I got this photo from a friend and just had to post it on my blog.  I know I said I would not be doing any posts until after the election but this was just too good to pass up. 

Mayor Nancolas has been our Mayor for 16 years and served on the City Council for another 8 years.  Some have suggested he has served so long that it is now time for a vacation.


  1. I AGREE....YOU have my vote :-)

  2. I wish I lived in Caldwell just so I could vote against Mr. Nancolas and for you Paul. I guess I'll just have to be happy with voting against tom Dale. Among the other signs I am seeing some red and white ones that say anyone but Tom . I don't know who to give credit but I sure have to agree with them.

  3. Neither Tom Dale nor Garrett Nancolas have the patent on good fiscal management as they would have you believe.

  4. These two guys are going to be collecting a pretty good pension, and benefits for themselves when they do decide to quit and retire. Kind of kick in the butt for the taxpayers for all of their messing up for all these years.

  5. Yes, both of these two have discovered that their police departments, along with their misguided, overzealous, and unscrupulous prosecutors, are a significant source of slush fund money for their strapped municipalities.

    This is criminal.

    1. Whole heartedly agree! Saddened by the results, no end in sight for a long time for Caldwell, no one wants events here due to excessive law enforcement, we don't seem to be luring businesses because we are just going to be one big park downtown, they will continue to buy buildings and tear them down and put in more grass.

  6. The Nampa voters saw fit to dump Tom Dale out, and what good riddance!!

    The stink and corruption in Nampa started at the top in Tom Dale's office, along with the misguided and inept councilmembers, and flowed downward through the sewer to the police department, the prosecutors' offices, and elsewhere.

    I hope that Bob Henry can make a difference there. At least Bob Henry had the guts and stones to pursue and uncover the John Bujak shenanigans and corruption. But, John Bujak was merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The corruption is vast, deep, and wide.


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