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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Idaho Center Subsizies Uses Below Fair Market Values

We received the following data from a reader who obtained the information via a Freedom of Information Request.

The people in charge of the Idaho Center call it "Community Contributions" when they account for the amount charged against fair market value of the event.  That said, here is a list of events getting a deal on the use of the Idaho Center:

High School Graduations:  paid $6,300  Act. Value $30,400

CWI Graduations:  paid nothing

NNU Graduations:  paid $2,500  Act. Value $10,000
Boys and Girls Club:  paid $4,500  Act. Value $18,000

God and Country:  paid $13,00 Act. Value $25,000

Snake Riv. Stampede: ($25,000) Act. Value $136,000

Rollie Lane Wresling: paid $3,000 Act. Value $10,000

Boys Basketball: paid $17,954 Act. Value $30,000

Girls Basketball: paid: $1,500 Act. Value $25,000

BSU Track: paid: ($38,000) Act. Value $52,000

Career Fair: paid $0 Act. Value $10,000

TBA: paid $0 Act. Value $3,800

Police/Fire Training: paid $0 Act. Value $7,000

Rodeo Club (36+events): paid ($11,000) Act. Value  $10,000

All of the above comes to a net total of $392,446.00 Nampa taxpayers subsidized (under-charged) for the above events for one year.  Other data received supports taxpayers support the Idaho Center to between $1.5 to $2.0 Million or more every year of operations at the Idaho Center.  Next year the amount of the subsidy is $2.4 Million.


  1. Typical, the already cashed strapped, underpaid, overworked, and highly stressed middle-class citizens of Nampa have to pick up the tab for the easy life special interest groups. Isn't it about time for these groups to pay their fair share? November 2013 is on its way.

  2. It has been rumored for several years that the Idaho Center is losing money but this is the first info I have seen on individual events. City website doesn't show any salary's and pretty much a blank page for events. Does anyone know what individuals are paid?

  3. Tom Dale needs to answer for this.

  4. I can not understand how having High School Graduations ever got moved to the Idaho Center. It is a very big and cold place to celebrate this right of passage. You need binoculars to see what is happening the place is so big and the seats are so far away from the stage.

  5. Under the management agreement between City of Nampa and SMG 5.2 (a) This agreement is subject to annual appropriations by the City and the City Shall have no obligation to provide funds for the payment of Operating Expenses incurred or committed for after the date SMG receives written notice (an "Appropriation Deficiency Notice") of the fact insufficient funds or no funds have been appropriated for the Facility. There also is 5.5 provision for Budget Modifications and provision for termination of the contract in Section 12.2 --Nevertheless one has to ask given the freebies that are handed out what local politician has the fortitude to take this on?

  6. I find it interesting that the director of the Idaho center consistently exceeds his budget and then we kick in a significant amount of money each year. Perhaps we should look into a manager who can and will stay within budget or consider selling this drain on the taxpayers.

  7. Steve Kren proposed and passed unanimously at city budget hearing for a modest reduction in City of Nampa subsidy. Not nearly enough but a warning shot. With a new Mayor and a minimum of three new council members subject will no doubt be revisited


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