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Friday, June 28, 2013

Property Tax Comparison In Treasure Valley Cities

Our friend, Ron Harriman wrote a very good OP-ED piece in the IPT today.  There is a link below to read the whole piece by Mr. Harriman.  I am giving GUARDIAN readers the table of tax comparisons compiled for your review.  You can draw your own conclusions from the article and the data.

Property taxes in Treasure Valley cities
City           Property taxes   Populations   Per capita     Per household
Boise         $112,383,000.00    212,303    $529.35      $1,397.49
Meridian    $20,544,000.00      80,386      $255.57      $725.81
Nampa      $31,630,265.00      83930      $376.86       $1,104.21
Caldwell    $12,824,323.00     47,665      $269.05       $774.87

Here's a link to the IPT Guest Opinion by Mr. Harriman:

Ron Harriman is a real estate appraiser in Nampa.


  1. The above statistics don't prove anything about comparative property tax rates. Why? Because the four cities cited have widely varying demographics and property valuations. For example, Boise has a much higher percentage of $1M-plus homes than does Caldwell. Thus the Boise per-capita and per-household tax paid would skew higher, even though the owners are actually paying a lower levy rate. The only statistic that matters is the levy rate per $100,000 of value on the real property. You can make statistics prove anything you want to if you cherry-pick the ones you want to use. Bottom line: I still believe all of Canyon County is overtaxed, stifling job and business growth.

    1. Numbers from the Canyon County Assessor support the fact that levy rates are 40% higher in Canyon County v. Ada County. It is the levy rates that are driving good paying jobs and businesses to Ada County. The ongoing and recurring burden of property taxes in Canyon County are undeniable.

  2. OK--- Let's look at levy rates for city's as published by Ada and Canyon county assessors for 2012.
    1. Caldwell .0128050400
    2. Nampa .0115812030
    3. Boise .008315979
    4. Meridian .004550974
    5. Kuna .004007956


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