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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gun Control In Mexico

Got this pearl of wisdom from a friend who has the ability to cut through the clutter and noise to the real issue of more gun control.  Mexico has some of the toughest gun laws in the world.  How's that working out down there? They have more gun violence from the drug cartels and at last count around 50,000 people dead from gun violence.

We are hit with every single gun crime on the daily new rundowns on network and cable TV.  Yet there has been not a peep about the harsh gun law restrictions in Mexico and just how ineffective their gun laws are when the body count it tallied.

I do hear a smattering of the need for more and better mental health options in this country to help ward off gun violence but it is going nowhere in most of the media reporting.  We need a place to put people with propensities for violence and that is not more jail and prison space.


  1. I took the time to do some research about homicide rates and it is apparent the gun violence statistics don't tell the whole story. The USA is not the safest but it is a long way from the worst (Swaziland)and Japan one of the lowest. And on the Mexico comparisons they are more than three times the homicide rate as the USA.

    I have been on both sides of the gun issue and the older I get the more I have come to appreciate most (nearly all) gun owners are law abiding citizens. In fact gun violence from gun owners with conceal carry permits indicates more conceal carry permits may be the answer. Conceal Carry gun owners have undergone background checks, have received training, and for the most part are not a part of gun violence issues.

  2. trust all the conceal carry training will never prepare you for someone shooting at you. look at how many time trained personnel(police) shoot at a perp before hitting them and they train every month take a person who has taken training just for a concealed carry permit and its gonna be a lot different and how many innocent victims are they going to hit.

  3. I think the point here is Mexico has some of the strongest gun ownership laws in the world and with that they are losing about 50,000 people a year to gun violence. All the nut-jobs out there with guns bent on doing harm to others always pick soft targets that will offer little resistance or be totally unprepared for the violence. It is time we gave some serious thought to people who need to be in a confined setting for their benefit and our safety. The pre sale checks are a joke when it comes to the mental healt questions...what are the checks and balances here to protect society?


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