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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caldwell Code Enforcement Dissolved!

THE GUARDIAN has long been a supporter of Code Enforcement in Caldwell.  There are a certain number of people and property owners who simply consider it a right to create BLIGHT.  Weeds, trash, junk cars, and you name it all over their property.  I learned yesterday the people doing this job will be gone as of the first of the new year.  Here's the reply I received from the City Finance Director, Eljay Waite:

"Code enforcement is being streamlined, overlapping responsibilities are being removed or consolidated, unnecessary duties are being removed and several city departments will share the responsibility of code enforcement. Government is downsizing and combining resources to become more efficient. Great idea. An official announcement will be coming soon. "

Back in the bad old days the junior officer on the Caldwell Police Department was the sole code enforcement officer for the city.  They knew it was a short time they would be in this position so, for a lack of a better description, they did a lousy job of it.  About 10 years ago the city of Caldwell looked like a dump site.  The Mayor and City Councilors decided to get some political will to clean up Caldwell and hired dedicated people to this effort.  It was an uphill battle for the first couple of years but today, Caldwell is anything but what it used to be.  This can only be attributed to the people working for Caldwell Code Enforcement.  Trash, weeds and junk cars all over town are gone for the most part.


  1. Mayor Nancolas sent me the following email:

    Garret Nancolas
    12:26 PM (9 minutes ago)

    to me
    It would be interesting to know who your good authority is because this is absolutely not true. There is reassignment of duties between personnel but Code Enforcement is alive and well!! If you have questions please call.


  2. GJ says..

    I would hate to think we go back to what we had before the current staff took over code enforcement. Caldwell looked pretty shabby and the deadbeat property owners and landlords who let their property become overgrown with weeds and trash knew the deal and simply ignored code enforcement letters and notices. They knew there would be little to no follow-up when the junior copper did code enforcement.

    My own brother inlaw was one of the biggest scofflaws with his rental property. He lives out of town and it was a "catch me if you can" attitude he had with respect to taking care of weeds and trash on his rental property.

  3. So Garrett says it isn't true but El Jay says it is?????

    1. Garotte sees the world in his own little version of reality.

  4. No mayor in Canyon County would ever reduce the number of public tax collectors in their city.

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